PBS Essentials™ Accounting Solution

PBS Essentials™ is geared towards smaller companies. It is a robust and affordable system that is scalable to help you grow your company and accommodate your changing needs.

With our ‘build your system’ approach, you can choose three full-featured Passport Business Solutions modules for Accounting or Distribution, for a single user and a single company ID:

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Add-on modules such as Payroll, ACA Reporting, our PBS Mobility Orders and Inventory App and more, are also available. Need more than 3 modules or additional users or companies? We are happy to discuss your options. Installation, data conversion and training assistance are all available. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Why PBS Essentials?

  • Passport has been a leader in the accounting software industry for 37 years, with thousands of customers worldwide.
  • Strong audit trails throughout the system.
  • Fits a wide range of businesses in multiple industries.
  • Supports fraud prevention measures.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • PBS Essentials provides business intelligence reporting to give you deep insight into your company for decision support.
  • Available for Windows or MS SQL, enabling easier integration with other applications.
  • Excellent and caring US-based support.
  • PBS Essentials is a comprehensive system that is a perfect next step for companies outgrowing QuickBooks®and other entry level solutions.
  • Avoid monthly SaaS charges and save with a one-time licensing fee and nominal recurring maintenance charges for upgrades.
  • We make it easy to do business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Passport is a real accounting program with good audit trails. They have excellent customer service and are always willing to assist with any issue we might be having. Additionally, in the context of Passport’s overall cost compared to other programs they are very cost competitive.”

“This is real accounting software unlike many others. I used this software with an addon for over 20 years at another job. When I took over this company, I couldn’t wait to transition to this software again. I can recommend it to anyone who needs more than QuickBooks.”


Are you currently using a small business accounting solution that is not quite a fit for your company? Are you having to work around your software to track the information you need? Adding spreadsheets to capture information not available in your current system costs staff time, creates double data entry, and adds to the risk for human error.

Your business depends on accurate financial information to survive. Essential to that is an accounting solution for small business that provides you with vital information. Storing data outside your system can reduce the accuracy and timeliness of key reports.

Your business needs may have evolved and as a result, more may be required of your accounting system than you’re currently receiving. In times of change, many businesses want to take more control of their financial data, even bringing their applications and support services on-premise.


For an operation that is focused on sales activities such as order entry and related inventory and purchasing functions, our distribution business software applications would be a helpful option.

PBS™ Essentials offers flexible distribution software for small business that configures to the way you need it to work. For strictly back-office financial management, our accounting applications are a robust solution. Plus, you can mix and match to design your ideal system.

Passport Software

Each business is truly unique, so a one-size-fits-all software choice can fall short in many ways. For smaller companies with plans for growth, we created PBS™ Essentials, a “menu” of software choices that enables you to design a system that is flexible enough to support how you work now and to change with you as your business grows.

Whether you select our accounting solution for small business, our distribution software for small business or a combination, our expert consultants can tailor a system to meet your unique needs.

PBS Essentials is supported on Microsoft Windows/SQL.