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Distribution Business Software

Inventory Control

Inventory Control tracks inventory to maintain optimum levels. Generates complete information on inventory valuation, quantities on hand and committed, and the flow of items sold. Faster, more accurate order fulfillment can help you streamline and be more profitable.

Order Entry

Order Entry processes customer orders quickly and accurately. Includes inventory verification when entering orders, immediate customer information, and discount levels calculated. Tracks and processes serial numbers, lot control and multi-warehouse, multi-stocking unit features. Integrates with PBS Mobility™.

Purchase Order

Purchase Order helps you order goods and services from vendors. Prints Expedite Shipment Reports, Follow-Up Past Due Shipments Reports, and Excess of Quantity Ordered Reports.

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis helps you identify your best customer, best selling items and services, productive sales reps, strong sales regions, and more.

Point of Sale

For smaller retail operations or distributors with counter traffic, Passport’s Point of Sale offers single screen transaction entry, user permissions and access controls. It is easy to learn and use.

Passport’s Point of Sale requires PBS Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control. It can also interface to Sales Analysis and Accounts Payable.

Job Cost

Provides the tools you need to track costs, income, and profits related to specific jobs and sub-jobs. Reports that tabulate and examine costs, compare actual with budgeted or estimated costs, and track job billings and payments are available.

  •  Labor, material and subcontract costs, profit, and up to five user-defined cost types are tracked for management
  •  Budgets are tracked against actual costs incurred
  •  Enter new or in-progress jobs as well as completion estimates for individual parts of jobs

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Passport Software also provides Linux Distribution Software.



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This is real accounting software unlike many others. I used this software with an add-on for over 20 years at another job. When I took over this company, I couldn’t wait to transition to this software again. I can recommend it to anyone who needs more than QuickBooks.

Cynthia Sloan, Maid to Order for You, LLC