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Advantages of running PBS™ in a Microsoft® SQL environment

“With Passport SQL we were able to save 100’s of hours of work per month…The ability to get custom reports out of Passport’s SQL database has been most useful for business management and production reporting purposes. I recommend Passport SQL as a great solution.” – Customer Testimonial

Better Reporting

Passport Business Solutions™ stores the data about your customers, your vendors, the inventory your company maintains, what’s been ordered, and what has shipped, the sales figures – essentially a record of all the business activities that have occurred throughout the day, week, month, quarter, etc.

Standard reports reveal many of the details of these transactions in a generally accepted accounting-friendly format.

PBS SQL makes all your data accessible to a wide variety of reporting tools that are easy to use and generally available, so you can create your own reports without custom programming.

Tools such as Microsoft Access®, Word, and Excel® allow you to easily manipulate the data. You can use Crystal Reports or hundreds of other programs designed to filter and arrange your data any way you choose.

Interface With 3rd Party Products

It’s a whole new world! PBS SQL opens up the PBS data structure making it easier for third party products to interface to PBS. (You now have more tools available to get data out using our new table structure.)

Instead of manually entering data in multiple locations, or importing and exporting to and from Excel spreadsheets, small programs can allow these applications to “talk” directly to each other.

This reduces data entry errors, improves efficiency, and allows for improved report content. Almost any programming language can access SQL, including Visual Basic, and others.

No Repurchase Necessary

There is no full repurchase required to run PBS on a Microsoft® SQL Server. There is no additional per module charge. You purchase only a new PBS SQL System Manager and pay the difference in your annual Passport Update Program maintenance fee through your next renewal anniversary.

RealWorld™ Migration to PBS

Passport has developed EZ Convert™ a free utility that simplifies the migration of your data to PBS SQL.


To learn what versions of the Microsoft SQL server PBS SQL will run on, view the System Requirements.

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