Advantages of running PBS™ in a Microsoft® SQL environment

“With Passport SQL we were able to save 100’s of hours of work per month…The ability to get custom reports out of Passport’s SQL database has been most useful for business management and production reporting purposes. I recommend Passport SQL as a great solution.” – Customer Testimonial

Better Reporting

Business owners and managers need reports with accurate, timely information that empower them to make decisions with confidence.

Some reports are routine and unchanging, but new circumstances may require looking at data in new ways, and standard reports may not encompass the needed information.

With SQL users are no longer limited to standard report criteria.

PBS SQL Benefits






Passport PBS SQL is a great improvement from our old RealWorld system…I can recommend Passport PBS SQL for anyone who needs an easy to use accounting system and wants the flexibility of custom reporting capabilities of SQL. – Customer Testimonial