PBS™ Distribution Software – Inventory Control

Manage important assets by tracking inventory to maintain optimum levels. Generate complete information on inventory valuation, quantities on hand and committed, and the flow of items sold.

Which items are hot? Don’t run short. Which items are slow? Move them out. With thousands of items you need a program that crunches through a lot of numbers to boil it down and lay it out.

Fast, accurate order fulfillment helps you compete and be more profitable.

Group price changes simplify keeping your pricing spot on. You can change prices based on a dollar amount, a percentage or not at all. Rounding can be done by the cent, dollar, based on price point, or not at all.

With PBS Inventory Control you can print the Price List, Inventory Valuation Report, Purchasing Advice Report, Inventory Usage Report, Physical Count Worksheet, ABC Analysis Report, Inventory Turnover and Inventory Analysis Report.

PBS Inventory Control may be used either independently or integrated with General Ledger, Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, Sales Analysis, Purchase Order, PBS Point of Sale, and/or Job Cost.

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