General Ledger Software

Passport Business Solutions™ General Ledger accounting software categorizes and summarizes your accounting data providing comprehensive information for financial analysis and control.

Financial Information

Our GL accounting software also generates custom designed financial statements show profit or loss, assets, liabilities, and equity.


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screen shot of general ledger accounting software


Financial Statements

Financial statements can be printed for a set of sub-accounts and a set of cost centers and can be printed in flexible formats which you design. Multiple separate ratios and the date, time and/or report number may optionally be printed on financial statements.

Financial Analysis

With our General Ledger accounting software, users can recreate financials from previous years with access to multiple years of General Journal transactions. A Multi-Year Trial Balance Detail feature is also available for previous fiscal years, or any time period you choose. Run summary or detailed financial analysis on transaction activity between any two dates.

Flexible Reporting

Our General Ledger accounting system generates user-defined tax and audit schedules to provide needed individual transaction level information for a selected range of dates. You can choose to show tracking detail that consists of source journal number and document number.

Passport Software’s General Ledger accounting software may be used either independently or interfaced to the Passport Business Solutions™ Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Check Reconciliation, Inventory Control, Job Cost and/or PBS™ Manufacturing.

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