PBS™ Manufacturing Basic Bundle

The PBS™ Manufacturing Basic Bundle is a cost effective solution for small manufacturing companies whose business system needs are very simple, or for companies who are working on a tight budget. The Basic Bundle requires PBS™ AP, AR, and GL financial modules for better visibility and greater control over your profits.

This configuration allows you to take control of your manufacturing operations by providing you with the basic tools you need to get started. You can enter and maintain sales orders, purchase orders, and even shop orders.

Robust Manufacturing Software for Small Businesses

Basic material planning tools and simple shop order schedules are also available, allowing you to automate your operations. As your needs change, you can begin adding additional modules to enhance your materials planning, shop floor scheduling, capacity planning, and costing capabilities. This allows you to invest only in the technology you need, as you need it.

Inventory Management

Product Definition

Customer Order Processing

Product Purchasing


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