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Passport Software’s PBS Pack-N-Ship™

PBS Pack-N-Ship™

Passport Software’s PBS Pack-N-Ship™ provides bar code scanning and box packing functionality integrated with Starship shipping software.

Optional integration with SCAS Starship Interface to choose carrier and service enables you to better manage freight costs and use shipping as a profit center.

With PBS Pack-N-Ship you will be able to:

  • Deliver the right products on time
  • Achieve zero defect shipping
  • Avoid costly shipping errorss
  • Avoid customer service failures
  • Provide quality assurance
  • Earn the trust of your customers

Deliver the right products on time and achieve zero defect shipping.

Pack-N-Ship includes:

  • Bar code scanning of all items as they are packed
  • Box contents control of all packages with optional box manifest reports
  • Unit of measure conversions for each box, case, etc. Scan any barcode and it will convert to the correct SKU quantity
  • Optional integration with SCAS Starship Interface to choose carrier and service enabling you to better manage freight costs. Starship also returns freight costs and shipment tracking data to print on the invoice.
  • Optional immediate invoice printing at the packing station for inclusion with the package
  • Optional immediate credit card processing with “shipment hold” option if card is declined
  • Optional hazmat handling, labeling and freight surcharges via Starship interface

“For a distribution company, there is no more important business issue to me than the accuracy o our order fulfillment.

When we ship a wrong item to a customer, we get an angry phone call.

I then have to overnight the correct item, pay the freight for the returned incorrect item, and I’m still left with a customer who doubts my ability to do business accurately and efficiently.”

– President of a Distribution Company

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