PBS™ Accounts Receivable Software

Our Accounts Receivable software for small business and mid-sized companies tracks money owed by customers, identifies delinquent bills, and helps improve cash flow.

Enter and track customer data

  • Provides multiple contacts per customer
  • Provides multiple shipping addresses per customer
  • Handles open item as well as balance forward customers
  • Assign sales rep, terms, tax code and an A/R account per customer
  • Unlimited number of A/R accounts and cash accounts

    Brief Video – Manage Your Cash Flow With PBS Accounts Receivable


Create, print and email detailed invoices to communicate products delivered and services rendered in detail:

  • Recurring bills entered, edited and selected to later turn into invoices.
  • Quick pasting of standard bills (lists of standard services, goods and notes) into invoices.
  • Either interface to the full featured Inventory Control for invoicing items or enter Goods when not.
  • Handles item drop shipping directly from supplier to customer.
  • Enter up to 10 description lines per services line item, plus an unlimited line notes can be entered and printed.
  • Provides both immediate and batch printing of invoices and credit memos.
  • Allows reprinting of invoices.
  • Handles advance payments. Up to three advance payments may be applied to a single invoice.
  • Design your own invoice format.
  • Provides viewing and printing an invoice history report as well as printing invoices from history.

Sales Tax Compliance

  • Calculate sales taxes using the tax-on-tax method, including Canadian GST and PST.
  • Sales tax processing has up to five tax rates per jurisdiction. Tracks sales tax by state.
  • Sales tax assignable for individual line items.
  • Sales tax reports by tax code, state or by G/L account number.

Customer Open Items

Our accounts receivable software for small business and mid-sized companies tracks and reports on customer open items:

  • Print the aging report
  • Print and email open item statements to customers
  • Enter Recurring sales and Miscellaneous charges that post directly into open items
  • Automatic calculation and posting of finance charges into customers open items
  • Cash projection report

Receive Customer Payments

  • Enter customer cash receipts for cash, checks, or credit cards. Cash receipts can be applied to customer invoices or to open on account.
  • Automatically handles checks returned for reasons such as non-sufficient funds (NSF).
  • You can easily enter bank charges as well as charges to the customer for returned checks or other credit problems and have the information applied appropriately throughout the system.
  • Cash receipt deposit tracking and printing deposit slips.

Our accounts receivable software handles commissions due calculations for either booked invoices or fully paid invoices.

PBS Accounts Receivable software for small business runs stand alone or optionally interfaces with PBS General Ledger, Job Cost, Order Entry, Inventory Control, Check Reconciliation, Point of Sale, Sales Analysis, and PBS Manufacturing.

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