Outgrown Your Small Business Accounting Solution?

Reporting & Reliability

Passport Software, Inc. offers rock-solid financials with recurring invoicing and contract pricing for customers needing to replace their Z-Micro technologies, QuickBooks, or other business accounting software.

  • If you are underwhelmed by your current business accounting software, we can help.
  • You may be tired of limited reporting capabilities or using workarounds such as spreadsheets.
  • You might be frustrated with less than stellar customer support, or your accounting solution may be unreliable, cumbersome or slow.
  • Perhaps you have outgrown QuickBooks® or other business accounting software.

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Solutions that make sense

Passport Business Solutions™ (PBS™) is reliable, professional-level accounting software at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on providing accounting solutions that meet your needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

PBS Essentials™ is geared towards smaller companies. It is a robust and affordable system that is scalable to help accommodate your changing needs.

Our customer service receives excellent reviews, and it’s easy to upgrade from QuickBooks® or other business accounting software to PBS™.

  • Data conversion assistance
  • Excellent training and technical support
  • Comprehensive, reliable, easy to use
  • Audit trails to prevent fraud
  • More features relevant to your organization, choose the functionalities you need

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What our users are saying

For 30+ years we have served medium-sized and small businesses who may have faced similar challenges to yours. PBS™ is an adaptable modular accounting solution, and can even scale to provide an excellent alternative to QuickBooks® Enterprise.

“I have used this product for many years. I have always received excellent help from customer service and the technical support people.”

“Very user friendly, only purchase modules you want. Don’t have to buy an entire package with stuff you won’t use, but simple to add on as desired.”

“We stayed with Passport because of its versatility and tracking and ease of operation and would recommend this to any size business.”

Added value

QB gets good reviews, but some users may experience similar issues. “Unstable/unreliable, slow, technical support is frustrating and relatively expensive. I would definitely consider other products first and we are doing just that as a company.” – Capterra

Visit our Accounting Software (for small businesses or medium-sized companies) page to learn more about the benefits of an affordable, reliable desktop accounting solution.  Avoid monthly SaaS charges and save with a one-time licensing fee and nominal recurring maintenance charges for upgrades.

What Industry Experts are saying

“For most startups, after one or two years of growth, QuickBooks features will not be robust enough…Clear signs that it is time to move on are when almost all reporting is done in Excel, and QuickBooks is being used as a check writer and for journal entries…Sometimes companies insist on hanging on to QuickBooks…until they lose their main QuickBooks user or their data gets corrupted.”Accounting Today

“Be aware, too, that if you select a product with too little capability, you usually have to recruit other applications, such as Excel and Access, to perform tasks the accounting software can’t handle. Such fill-in resources are called “renegade” systems, and in the long run, they cost more to operate than systems built into the software. That’s because data usually have to be reentered into them, and that can cause errors and duplications. It’s estimated the annual cost of running renegade applications rises exponentially as the complexity of the accounting software they support increases.” – Journal of Accountancy