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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Software
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Our ACA Software and Services

“We are thrilled with the decision we made to use the Passport Software for our ACA compliance. We would be lost without them and appreciate the time, effort and support they have provided along the way.” Customer testimonial

Monitor Affordable Care Act Compliance

Our IRS-certified ACA Software provides automated 1094/1095 filing and helps you comply with ACA mandatory reporting throughout the entire year. We are IRS-approved for optional proxy submission.

Track Eligibility With Our ACA Software

Passport Software’s ACA Software alerts when an offer of coverage will be needed, and it ensures that coverage falls within the affordable range based on IRS criteria. Optional integrated payroll software is available.


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ACA Full Service Management Solution

In addition to our ACA software solution, we provide quick and easy Full Service ACA Management for businesses year-round. Just provide a spreadsheet of employee information –  and we do the rest. View a quick demo.

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Simplify Compliance with our World Class ACA Software Solution

Passport Software’s ACA Compliance Software simplifies reporting and provides much more than just forms. It helps with the headache of managing ACA compliance data so you don’t have to pay IRS penalties.

Passport has a simple employee import for basic information, such as name, address, SSN, etc., and tools to automatically generate the ACA data in a fraction of the time, compared to other ACA management providers who require a massive, 150+ column import spreadsheet of ACA data with thousands of cells.

Our different options allow you to get comprehensive ACA Tracking Software that meets your needs at an affordable price.

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  • Less than 250 full time employees in a single corporate entity? Passport™ ACA Essentials allows you to meet all IRS reporting requirements with paper 1094C and 1095C forms.
  • Over 250 full time employees in a single corporate entity? Passport™ ACA Corporate Edition allows you to also meet the electronic filing requirements of the IRS and if you prefer, we can do it for you.
  • For multiple EINs under common ownership Passport™ ACA Enterprise Edition provides the IRS consolidated electronic reporting requirements for two to two thousand separate companies.
  • All versions of our ACA software also provide management tools to help you monitor employee statuses and comply with Affordable Care Act guidelines throughout the year.
  • We also provide Affordable Care Act Software for a Linux OS.

Our friendly and knowledgeable ACA team has helped hundreds of large employers fulfill their IRS reporting requirements accurately and efficiently.  Ask us how we can affordably simplify your ACA reporting. Call Marti at 800-969-7900 Ext. 103.


What is ACA Compliance?

The Affordable Care Act requires that employers report health benefits to both the IRS and provide statements for employees on healthcare plan coverage. Our ACA Reporting software helps simplify reporting and avoid costly penalties.

Do I Need to File?

Employers with 50 or more full time employees or self insured employees need to file.

Prevent Penalties?

ACA penalties can cost up to $2,000 per employee. With most employers committing mistakes during the year, Passport Software’s enhanced ACA Reporting software monitors year-round compliance.

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“Please know that I am very grateful for all of your assistance with all things ACA! The IRS has not been helpful and I am flying solo within the company for this, so you have been an absolute God Send!”


“Between my insurance guy and your ACA guru, I got though the ACA filing more easily than I thought!”


“Very Satisfied…went great. Glad that I didn’t have to go thru all that IRS red tape to do the filing. Glad Passport offered this service. We should have called months ago. Adam explained everything very well.”





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