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Is PBS Manufacturing a Fit for Your Company?

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This post is for small to mid-sized manufacturers that are vetting new manufacturing software systems. We hope you find it helpful.

For manufacturers, management of stock is crucial to having materials on hand when needed so orders can flow smoothly for on-time delivery.

If you are manually tracking with spreadsheets, continual updating may become burdensome and lend itself to errors compared to using an automated system.

Inventory Management is the cornerstone of PBS Manufacturing. It allows you to manage your stock efficiently. This helps minimize cash flow becoming tied up due to overstocking.

Just in time manufacturing benefits a small to mid-sized manufacturer by helping to avoid too much back stock and assists with remaining competitive in a fast-paced marketplace.

Delayed deliveries can lead to unsatisfied customers who may take their business elsewhere.


Manufacturing inventory management software is central to a Manufacturing ERP solution, and automation can help you streamline your inventory management process.

Using spreadsheets or storing information in your head may be a way to survive, but automated inventory management can help a business thrive.

When integrated with a robust manufacturing ERP system, inventory management can be optimized, and the system can allow you to streamline purchasing, job costing, forecasting, shop floor control and more.

Transitioning from tracking with Excel spreadsheets to utilizing manufacturing software can help you better manage planning and gain visibility of your operations.

In-depth reporting can provide business insight for better decision making for your company.


In a competitive marketplace, it’s crucial to find a good match between your unique business processes and your manufacturing software system.

When your manufacturing inventory management software integrates with purchasing and other crucial functions you can manage your operations from end to end.

Expert consulting is necessary in order to establish a helpful partnership in selecting your software. Implementing the wrong system can waste large amounts of time, money and may be difficult to recover from.

Passport Software

With 30+ years of experience, our manufacturing inventory management software integrates with a powerful yet affordable manufacturing ERP system.

This includes optionally integrating with our accounting ERP to help you manage and gain visibility of your financials.

PBS Manufacturing is a robust system that is both powerful and affordable, providing small to mid-sized manufacturing operations with the productivity tools they need to streamline and grow their business.

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