Why is Manufacturing Inventory Management Software so important?

PBS™ Manufacturing inventory software helps small businesses and medium-sized manufacturing companies streamline and grow their operations.

  • Having greater visibility of your inventory is crucial for having materials on hand to keep sales moving. An effective manufacturing software system can help you manage stock and have your product available for order fulfillment.
  • Mid-sized or small business manufacturing software can help you gain a real-time view of your shop floor, and controlling your stock also provides better customer service.
  • Excess inventory can waste space in your warehouse, which is why tracking can help with shop floor control. In addition, comprehensive small business manufacturing software can help you gain a better understanding of actual product costs, manufacturing scheduling, and customer demand.

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PBS™ Manufacturing for Your Growing Business

Gain Control of your Shop Floor

  • Too much product or out of season stock can be tracked by inventory management software for small business. Manually tracking items with a spread sheet is labor-intensive and can result in errors, while manufacturing inventory management software can automate your system.
  • Once you streamline and control your shop floor, you become more competitive and profitable. Manufacturing software integrated with a barcode scanner allows you to walk the shop floor, scan and track items. A comprehensive system can link with your mobile device to help with picking and ordering.
  • Retailers can also benefit from tracking software which can help streamline shipping and provide more customer satisfaction. An automated system can service one or multiple store locations and help track movement of product and interface with other business applications such as CRM.

Vetting your Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

It is important to find a vendor with experience helping business with similar challenges to yours.  An experienced provider can consult and partner with you about your software needs.

  • Passport software utilizes modular design, so you can purchase a system that scales to meet your company’s needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Simplify storage and gain visibility for shipping.  Using your barcode scanner and inventory control system, your employees you can manage picking, packing and shipping. This is critical in manufacturing and distribution as well as certain retail in order to help with accuracy and speed of fulfillment.
  • Not only does warehouse inventory software help keep sales moving, but a manufacturing system can provide you with an overall view of your warehouse or shop floor – as well as analytics and reporting such as job costing and sales analysis.

Advantages of Desktop Software vs. Cloud Solutions

  • There are advantages to buying desktop ERP software as opposed to a cloud based system. With desktop manufacturing inventory software, you pay a one-time licensing fee and nominal recurring charges for upgrades.  This can save money over time if you are a medium-sized or small business interested in the best ROI for your company.
  • Adaptability is important, and an experienced vendor will be able to provide a solution that meets your needs rather providing a system that is too cumbersome.
  • PBS™ Manufacturing is comprehensive, reliable, scalable – and easy to use for small to medium sized manufacturing companies. Learn more about Passport Software’s manufacturing inventory management software – Contact Us.


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