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Avoid ACA Compliance Management Stress

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This post is for Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) required to comply with the Affordable Care Act. We hope you find it useful.

ACA filing season is upon us, and filing errors can result in costly penalties. If you are very busy and juggling a lot of responsibilities, having the right ACA software and services provider can ease the burden of ACA compliance management and filing.

Compliance Management Overwhelm

Affordable Care Act compliance management can become complex with an increasing number of employees, fluctuating hours, and staff turnover.

ALEs must meet ACA compliance obligations, or the penalties for non-compliance can be steep. Company owners, HR professionals, and administrative personnel work hard to ensure their companies remain compliant with various regulations.

With many responsibilities on their plates, successfully juggling numerous duties can increase stress levels for those tasked with ACA compliance. Too much responsibility from handling multiple projects and various compliance management obligations can indirectly affect work performance.

You may be successfully keeping up in a fast-paced environment, ensuring compliance management data is accurate, and performing multiple roles. However, work fatigue and carrying work stress outside of the job may have consequences.

Higher stress levels can result in increased sick leave, staff turnover, and a decrease in overall productivity. Distractions resulting from work overwhelm can cause errors in tracking and filing.

One way to help mitigate the overwhelm is to adopt the right technology and an effective compliance management system. Assign a designated ACA compliance manager, as multiple personnel can increase the risk of compliance errors. Too many staff tracking data can result in missing or lost data, mistakes in appropriate offers of coverage, and filing errors.

Passport Software

Administrative staff and Human Resources professionals work tirelessly managing numerous responsibilities, and perform work that is critical to the sustainability of every organization. These professionals, as well as company owners, are often on the front lines of compliance management.

Passport Software can help you come up with the best Affordable Care Act compliance management strategy to help you simplify and comply. We can help you navigate through ACA data management challenges and guide you on selecting the best solution for your company.

Passport Software’s easy-to-use IRS-certified ACA Software streamlines year-round tracking and filing. We are also IRS-certified to file on behalf of our software customers.

Our ACA Full Service option is the easiest, as we handle the entire process for you. We’ll help you avoid data discrepancy between 1094/1095 C forms, prevent over-reporting for employees not requiring a 1095-C, prevent code combination errors, and help avoid compliance errors.

The Full Service option is convenient, affordable, and eliminates the hassle of filing and maintaining compliance throughout the year.

– Create and send 1095-Cs, generate the 1094-Cs, and file on your behalf
– Help with error correction before and after filing
– Optionally, we provide quarterly eligibility reports
– Consultation and support for your ACA questions

Affordable Care Act compliance management can be complex and overwhelming. Passport Software can help you simplify the entire process and eliminate compliance and filing overwhelm. Our friendly experts can guide you through the entire process to help you streamline and avoid costly penalties.

Passport Software’s helpful experts can answer any Affordable Care Act related questions you might have.  We also provide penalty response consultation services and have helped many companies avoid or drastically reduce penalties.

To learn more about how our ACA software and services can ease the burden of compliance, call 800-969-7900. Or, contact us – we are here to help.

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