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When vetting a new manufacturing system, the software should handle shop floor challenges and effectively streamline your entire operation.

Effective manufacturing ERP provides detailed real-time reporting and scales to meet your unique challenges. Inventory visibility is a common challenge for small to mid-sized manufacturers, and it’s crucial to have materials on hand when you need them.

Ensuring you have the right parts and components, at the best price available, prevents bottlenecks in production and helps ensure on-time deliveries. Better inventory management prevents delays in order to provide better customer service.

If you are manually tracking or using workarounds such as spreadsheets due to an outdated system, an ERP solution provides access to a centralized database. Having access to real-time reporting ensures better production planning, more efficient processes, and provides more throughput with fewer employees.

Manual tracking of inventory and purchasing can waste time, money, and affect customer service. Inventory visibility provides a picture of stock availability, and streamlined purchasing allows you to leverage alternate vendors for an accurate assessment of pricing and parts availability.

An ERP system aggregates your operational data, helps avoid redundant data entry, and facilitates improved accuracy. Real-time reporting provides business insight to help track your company’s performance, facilitates better financial management, and helps you plan for growth.

Vetting Manufacturing ERP

Expert consulting is crucial for the process of vetting and implementing a new manufacturing ERP system. Your consultant should be able to tailor a system to solve your unique challenges. And, they should be able to provide you with granular details about exactly how the system can help improve your processes, including areas of ROI, so you can determine if the system is a fit.

Including both leadership and key employees in the vetting and implementation process is helpful for both decision making and buy-in. Your staff can provide you with useful operational knowledge and specific areas of improvement needed in operational processes.

Your decision making while vetting a new system may benefit from information provided by key employees. An expert consultant can help make sure you solve process challenges on the shop floor and meet your business goals.

Be sure to discuss operational challenges such as current bottlenecks and areas that need improvement with your vendor. It’s important to highlight any complex or unique processes that are crucial to your operational success.

Let your consultant know about key challenges and workarounds you may be using due to an outdated system or manual tracking. Vetting and implementing a new manufacturing system is a huge undertaking, and leveraging your team of key employees can help you with a smooth transition.

Passport Software’s expert consultants are also experienced in change management and can help you facilitate a smooth implementation process, and we provide excellent training and support as well.

Passport Software

Many manufacturing ERP systems on the market are geared towards large operations, while PBS Manufacturing is designed specifically for small to mid-sized manufacturers. PBS is a modular solution, and you can select only the modules you need and scale up as you grow.

Larger systems may be expensive and cumbersome, while PBS is both affordable, robust, and tailored to meet your unique needs.

– Better inventory tracking and management
– Streamline purchasing and set alternate vendors in the system
– In-depth reporting for better business analysis
– Integrates with PBS Accounting and more business solutions for a full-featured ERP system
– Better production scheduling, cost tracking, improved order management, and more

Unlike larger systems, PBS™ allows users to accomplish more in less time, giving your staff the flexibility they need to cover multiple tasks. Our top-notch consulting provides individualized solutions to meet your unique needs. Or, take advantage of bundles designed for various types of manufacturers.

Call 800-969-7900 to learn more about PBS Manufacturing ERP, an affordable yet robust system designed to serve the needs of small to mid-sized manufacturers. Or, contact us – we are here to help.

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