PBS Mobility™ Orders and Inventory

Conduct Business Anywhere

PBS Mobility™ offers a simple approach to managing orders and inventory using any Android smart phones or tablet. PBS Mobility is a “hybrid” mobile app, meaning you’re not completely tied to an internet/data connection. Key data is stored on your device and accessible anywhere you are, allowing you to process orders and inventory anytime, anywhere. Simply scan the item code and enter a quantity. New orders can be immediately sent via the Internet to the live Passport system back at the home office by your sales person or even your customers.

Sales Orders

  • The sales order app creates orders to be imported into the PBS Order Entry Module.
  • Sales people in the field can take and submit orders to PBS Order Entry in real time, and a PDF order is available for customer signature capture.
  • Reduce order lead time, keeping your customer’s shelves well stocked.
  • Orders can be directly sent to the PBS SQL database automatically creating real orders that are ready to be reviewed and filled, dramatically reducing lead time.
  • Or you may Email orders one-by-one as you create them, or in batch mode for inside sales people to review and import.
  • Remote sales staff will know exactly what’s in stock and where it’s located in seconds.
  • Select orders for shipping using our Pick application and push that data back to PBS SQL instantly for fast and accurate Packing List generation.
  • View item images from web servers with the click of a button – pick an item and see an item.



Inventory Management

  • The mobile inventory app provides order picking, signature capture, proof of delivery, and physical counts.
  • Scan low or out-of-stock items on the fly, to replenish your inventory and keep sales moving.
  • Reduces order lead time, keeping your customer’s shelves stocked.
  • Take physical counts on your mobile device and pass them to PBS Inventory Control for processing.
  • Speed up the physical inventory process.
  • Download orders from the system and pick from your phone or tablet.
  • Includes Customer and Items Lookup.
  • View stock status of inventory items.
  • Provides full internet integration with internet connection and web server.

PBS Mobility is fully Integrated with Passport Business Solutions™ Order Entry, Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable. 

Contact Us to learn more about our mobile sales order app/mobile inventory software as well as our complete distribution management system.


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