Manufacturing ERP Software for Small Businesses and Mid-sized Companies

Small Business Manufacturing Software – Streamline and Drive Growth

Whether you operate a small business or mid-sized company, PBS™ Manufacturing software offers sophisticated features at an affordable price.

  • Better inventory planning
  • Better production scheduling
  • Better cost tracking
  • Improved order management

Unlike larger systems, PBS™ allows users to accomplish more in less time, giving your staff the flexibility they need to cover multiple tasks. Our top-notch consulting provides individualized solutions to meet your unique needs. Or, take advantage of bundles designed for various types of manufacturers.

Optional integrated payroll software is available. Register for our weekly webinar: Introduction to PBS Manufacturing. We are proud to have 30+ years of providing manufacturing software for small businesses.

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“We looked long and hard before going with Passport and I am very happy with our choice. The transition and training were handled professionally and made as easy as possible. One of my favorites is the manufacturing side which is logical, easy to use…” Customer Testimonial

PBS Manufacturing Software – Basic Bundle

The Basic Bundle is a cost effective solution for small manufacturing companies whose business system needs are very simple, or for companies who are working on a tight budget.

  • Inventory Management
  • Product Definition
  • Customer Order Processing
  • Product Purchasing

PBS Manufacturing Software – Control Master Bundle

The Control Master Bundle is a great solution for companies who are more concerned about the shop floor scheduling and job costing aspects of their business, and have either very simple or nonexistent material planning needs.

In addition to the Basic Bundle, the Control Master Bundle includes:

  • Shop Floor Control
  • Manufacturing Job Costing

PBS Manufacturing Software – Planning Bundle

The Planning Bundle is particularly appropriate for companies who manufacture complex products, repetitive products with a high sales volume, accommodates seasonal demand, and builds sales forecasts.

In addition to the Basic Bundle, the Planning Bundle includes:

  • Master Scheduling and MRP
  • Capacity Planning

Options and Interfaces

PBS Manufacturing software integrates with PBS Financial modules. This minimizes duplicate data and maximizes your investment by helping you gain control of your entire business operation with a complete ERP software solution. Options and Interfaces includes:

  • ODBC interface
  • Thin Client
  • Lot & Serial Control
  • EDI
  • Linux or SQL

PBS Complete Bundle

A fully integrated and comprehensive management tool that allows you to manage and report on your entire operation.  Affordable, powerful and robust ERP software.

  • All 8 modules


PBS Manufacturing Customer Success Stories

We can tell you about how great PBS Manufacturing software is but who better to hear if from than the folks using PBS Manufacturing to run their manufacturing operations?

“The best part of implementing PBS Manufacturing was the dramatic improvement in visibility. It’s night and day compared to what we used to have!” – Automated Gasket Company

“Lead time on highly customized cables was reduced from thirteen weeks to six weeks.” – Quirk Wire Co.

“The PBS Manufacturing System allows us to do what we need to do.” – Cosense, Inc.

“We were able to streamline Dazor’s entire business process.” – Dazor Manufacturing Corporation

Video testimonial from Electronic Coils, Inc., a longtime user of PBS




We Can Help

Our smb manufacturing software can help various types of manufacturers. Among them are Make to Order, Make to Stock, Engineer to Order, Job Shop, Mixed Mode, and Distributor with Light Assembly. Our manufacturing system can help you reduce and track your inventory, quote orders, track costs and convert quotes to orders.

In addition, we offer plenty of hands-on training and excellent customer service to help ensure your success. Reduce product lead times, maintain leaner inventory, and automate shop floor control to plan for growth.

You can scale up or down with our modular system keeping it as simple or comprehensive as you want.  Our manufacturing software for small businesses and medium sized companies helps you gain visibility of your entire shop floor, automate scheduling, sales forecasting, actual cost tracking and much more.

We provide ERP manufacturing software for small businesses and medium sized companies. Our inventory tracking software (with barcode scanner) is comprehensive warehouse inventory software, and our manufacturing inventory management software helps reduce and track your inventory. Have materials on hand when you need them.

Whether your company will benefit from shop floor control and job costing or master scheduling and MRP, our small business manufacturing software offers various, scalable and affordable solutions to help your unique business needs.


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