Running PBS™ in a Microsoft® SQL Environment

“With Passport SQL we were able to save 100’s of hours of work per month…The ability to get custom reports out of Passport’s SQL database has been most useful for business management and production reporting purposes. I recommend Passport SQL as a great solution.” – Customer Testimonial

Better Reporting

Business owners and managers need reports with accurate, timely information that empower them to make decisions with confidence. Some reports are routine and unchanging, but new circumstances may require looking at data in new ways, and standard reports may not encompass the needed information.

With SQL, customers are no longer limited to standard report criteria.

PBS SQL Benefits

    • Businesses demanding improved access to their data tables for querying with expanded reporting benefit from a reliable, powerful and affordable Relational Data Base Management System. The SQL (Structured Query Language) software database was developed to allow users to select the desired information and then SQL calculates the best way to deliver what has been requested.
    • Expanded reporting opportunities: For analysis and planning decisions, the more you know, the better the results can be for you and your company. And you can create your own reports without custom programming.
    • Companies needing integration with hundreds of programs including MS Office, Crystal Reports, CRM software, NCR Counterpoint, ServicePoint and a host of other industry-specific solutions. Almost any programming language can access SQL, including Visual Basic, and others.
      Instead of manually entering data in multiple locations, or importing and exporting to and from Excel spreadsheets, these applications can “talk” directly to each other. This reduces data entry errors, improves efficiency, and allows for improved report content.
      Integration is less costly, less prone to error, and more affordable to maintain.
    • Operations implementing ecommerce websites requiring direct table integration.
    • PBS SQL is affordable. The MS SQL Express version is free and works for small installations and includes SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) also free software from Microsoft. SQL reduces the cost of overall software development while providing more flexible data access.

Introducing PBS™ eDocs Fully Integrated Document Management for PBS™ SQL or CashPoint™ Version 12.08+


    • Eliminates the filing and retrieval time of paper documents, which has been estimated to save about ten percent of a clerk’s time.
    • Improves remote worker productivity due to availability of document images directly from the database.
    • Faster circulation of electronic documents for review, approval or other actions, without lost or misplaced documents, and the problems that can create. PBS™ eDoc attachments may be emailed to one or more people, avoiding making paper copies and physically sending them to local or remote recipients.
    • Reduces office space used for file cabinets. PBS eDocs is a new fully integrated document management solution for PBS SQL or CashPoint 12.08.

Passport PBS SQL is a great improvement from our old RealWorld system…I can recommend Passport PBS SQL for anyone who needs an easy to use accounting system and wants the flexibility of custom reporting capabilities of SQL. – Customer Testimonial