PBS™ Manufacturing ERP for Small Businesses and Mid-sized Companies

PBS™ is a powerful manufacturing and accounting software solution developed for the growing small business or medium sized manufacturing company.

  • With PBS™ Manufacturing, cost estimates and quotes can be created quickly and easily – in addition to inventory management and control
  • As a modular, configurable software, PBS™ can help many different types of manufacturers
  • Our ERP software for smaller manufacturers has helped many companies become more efficient and increase profits

Below are a just a few examples of who we help and the benefits of PBS Manufacturing ERP for small business and mid-sized operations. Register for our weekly webinar: Introduction to PBS Manufacturing.

Men who use manufacturing erp for small businessPBS™ helps various types of manufacturers

Make to Order

For the Make to Order manufacturer, our small business ERP scheduling tools will ensure your orders flow smoothly through production and out the door to your customers.

  • Reduce inventory levels
  • Shorten Product Lead-times
  • Automated shop floor scheduling
  • Know your actual costs and compare them to estimates
  • Improve on-time deliveries

Make to Stock

Our order action reporting will help take the complexity out of your material planning function for Make to Stock operations.

  • Reduce inventory levels
  • Plan to a sales forecast
  • Prevent orders from falling “through the cracks”
  • Improve on-time deliveries

Mixed Mode

PBS Manufacturing ERP for small business excels in the Mixed Mode environment. PBS will provide you with the flexibility you need to optimize your output as a business while not sacrificing one aspect of it.

  • Reduce and manage your inventory
  • Easily estimate and quote orders
  • Track and manage costs and orders
  • Simplify scheduling and material planning
  • Increase visibility across the entire enterprise

Distributor with Light Assembly

For a Distributor with Light Assembly, PBS Manufacturing small business ERP handles order management while providing you with simple planning and shop order management tools.

  • Reduce and manage your inventory
  • True bills of material allow for material and production planning
  • Manage inventory using re-order levels, forecasts and true demand
  • Keep your system as simple as you would like it to be
  • Sell and manage both purchased and manufactured goods

Engineer to Order

For Engineer to Order, our easy to use item, bill of material and routing creation will allow you to design and quote your unique products quickly and easily.

  • Quotes can be converted to orders avoiding duplicate entries
  • Automated shop floor scheduling
  • Actual costs can be compared to estimates prior to shipping products

Job Shop

If you make products that require many different materials, or have many sub-assemblies, our small business ERP material planning functions can help you better manage this aspect of your Job Shop.

  • Fast and accurate product and cost development
  • Convert quotes to orders reducing duplicate entries and errors
  • Complete visibility or production floor

Using MCS-3?

Are you stressing over your old hardware and outdated printers? Are you tired of no software support?

Our manufacturing ERP for small business  provides MCS-3 users with a replacement option that can not only solve these problems but can even upgrade your important data. Learn more.

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