PBS™ Manufacturing Software for the Smaller Company or Mid-sized Business

Manufacturing owners and managers who rely upon their technology investment to help them understand and grow their companies choose PBS™ small business manufacturing software for its flexibility, sophisticated functionality, and insightful reporting at a more affordable price.

Choose PBS Manufacturing Software to better manage your operations

Our small business manufacturing software is an ERP software solution designed for the smaller manufacturing company, as well as mid-sized operations.

Get the tools you need to better manage your entire operation, including accurately planning and purchasing material, managing inventory, predicting and tracking product and job costs, and scheduling production.




PBS™ Manufacturing helps orders ship on time

Software to Reduce Your Inventory

  • Know the materials you need to execute our manufacturing schedule and when you need them
  • Know what you have on hand and be able to trust the numbers
  • Know what materials are on order and when they’re due to arrive or be produced
  • Results in less inventory and a far more efficient operation

“With the new-found visibility, we now know exactly what materials we need to bring in and when we need them!” – Shonna Cartmell, Purchasing Manager


Reduce Your Product Lead-times

  • Material planning software will help ensure you have the materials you need when you need them
  • Production scheduling tools help you better schedule and utilize your manufacturing resources
  • PBS small business manufacturing software results in reduced product lead-times and on-time deliveries

“Our lead times are down to minutes from days!” – Bill Allhusen, Engineering Manager


Software to help Improve Your Order Flow

  • Know what you need to be working on at all times with PBS Manufacturing software
  • See your plant’s capacity and anticipate and correct problems before they occur
  • Know the status of any job in production
  • PBS small business manufacturing software can keep production flowing smoothly

“We know exactly where any job is on the shop floor. We don’t have to go around and find things to see what’s going on…”  Dave Thibodeau, President


Know Your Product’s Cost

  • See your actual labor and material costs at any point in the production process
  • With PBS small business manufacturing software, you’ll know profitability on a job before it ships
  • Know which products are profitable and which aren’t
  • PBS Manufacturing software can help you develop more accurate quoting and pricing to improve profitability

“Updating costs in our old system was a real pain. You have provided us with several options that have made my life so much easier!”  – John Ulm, Production Manager


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