CashPoint™ – Professional Level Accounting for NCR Counterpoint

Accounting for NCR Counterpoint

CashPoint is a powerful back office accounting solution that offers the tightest integration available for NCR Counterpoint users.

CashPoint is easy to use and offers automated data integration, as well as an optional payroll module to manage payroll in house.

  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Optional Payroll
  • Training/Consulting
  • Multi-Store and Multi-Company Support

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Fully Integrated Accounting Solution for NCR Counterpoint

Accounts Payable

Keep accurate information on vendor, supplier, and standard costs by tracking payment due dates, available discounts, and money owed to creditors.


Check Reconciliation

Maintains checkbooks, tracks deposits, and reconciles checking accounts. Provides instant access to account information and eliminates manual reconciliation procedures.


General Ledger

Categorizes and summarizes accounting data. Provides comprehensive information for financial analysis and control. Custom-designed financial statements show profit or loss, assets, liabilities, and equity.

Optional Payroll with Direct Deposit

Maintains employee data, calculates taxes, handles deductions and prints payroll checks. Eliminates the process of manually preparing tax information.


Multi-Store and Multi-Company Support

CashPoint provides you with the ability to manage multiple locations, and even allows you to create individual companies with a consolidated set of financials if you prefer.


Basic Accounting Upgrade

Passport Software’s Basic Accounting Conversion utility (BACON) allows a user who wishes to convert their accounting data from NCR Counterpoint Version 7.5 Basic Accounting to the CashPoint accounting modules. Passport Software also provides Linux Retail Software.

CashPoint is a robust, SQL-based back office accounting solution that is integrated with NCR Counterpoint. We work hard to provide you with tools that keep up with both Federal standards, as well as state and in some cases, local Payroll tax laws. CashPoint reduces redundant data entry work, improves efficiency, and provides the professional standard of money management busy retailers need.

Introducing PBS™ eDocs Fully Integrated Document Management for PBS™ SQL or CashPoint™ Version 12.08+

Benefits of Document Management

·       Eliminates the filing and retrieval time of paper documents, which has been estimated to save about ten percent of a clerk’s time.

·       Improves remote worker productivity due to availability of document images directly from the database.

·       Faster circulation of electronic documents for review, approval or other actions, without lost or misplaced documents, and the problems that can create.

·       An eDocument attachment may be emailed to one or more people, avoiding making paper copies and physically sending them to local or remote recipients.

·       Reduces office space used for file cabinets. PBS eDocs is a new fully integrated document management solution for PBS SQL or CashPoint 12.08.

What’s New in CashPoint™ 12.08

12.08 Enhancements

·       The initial release of 12.08 includes CashPoint eDocs Accounts Payable integrations with key programs – Vendors, Vouchers (payables Enter), Open Items, and View Vendor Invoices. With a couple of clicks, it allows the scanning and saving of documents associated with a purchase.

·       PBS eDocs training webinars and recordings will be available to help you better address your document management needs.

·       Other applications will be released as completed.

·       This will help save time spent filing (and retrieving) AP and other paper documents, as well as eliminating hard copy file drawer space.

Accounts Payable

MS SQL Reports are available for Accounts Payable, allowing users to view the report data in a more graphical and flexible SQL report format. SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services is required for SQL Reports. The 12.08 install of SQL reports is now much easier.

·         CTL Valid GL Account List – Improved

·         A/P Distributions to GL – New SQL Standard and SQL Columnar

·         A/P Vendor List – New

·         A/P Accounts List – New

·         A/P Cash Disbursement Projection – New SQL Standard and Columnar

·         A/P Cash Requirements – New SQL Standard and Columnar

·         A/P Vendor List – New

·         A/P Aged Open Items – Improved

·         A/P Vendor Pay to Addresses – New

·         A/P Pre-Check Writing – New

·         A/P Purchases Discounts – New

·         A/P Check Register – New

·         A/P Vendor History – Improved

·         A/P Open Payables by Date – New

In AP there is also a new configuration setting that allows you to not compress the name and address data when printing checks using a user defined check.

Optional Payroll

Graphical Check and Mailer stub printing now includes the year-to-date regular hours, overtime hours, special hours and total hours.

The Time worked history report offers a new view to historical information.

Affordable Care Act reporting software and services are available from Passport.

Supports Multiple Company ID’s

CashPoint 12.08 offers a multiple company feature allowing CounterPoint transactions to feed into separate company ID’s.

In the past, control was limited to mapping CounterPoint accounts to a single PBS Company ID, including sub-accounts. G/L Distributions and A/P Payables data may now be mapped to separately defined CashPoint company ID’s.

This feature will prove useful and necessary for CounterPoint customers who operate using shared sales or warehousing facilities, but the sales and costs are actually being recorded to different legal entities, such as with a dealership or franchise.

With CashPoint 12.08, completely separate financials may be kept for each franchisee.

CashPoint or PBS SQL Installation with SSRS


CashPoint and PBS SQL Installation with *MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is required on the same instance where the Passport databases are to be installed.

Use of eDocs requires MS SQL Standard or higher as MS SQL Express has a 10GB limit.

User designated printers

Individual PBS users may now have uniquely assigned multiple printers. If no printers have been directly assigned to a user, PBS will display Company Information printers as in the past.


NCR Counterpoint version 8.5+ is required to run with CashPoint v.12.08+.

*MS SQL Server Reporting Services – Microsoft’s SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) is a server-based report generating software system that allows administrators to connect to SQL databases to prepare, format and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports.

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