All PBS Modules

Accounting, Distribution and Retail:

Accounts Payable

Keep accurate information on vendors, suppliers, and costs by tracking payment due dates, available discounts, and money owed to creditors. Support fraud prevention measures with Positive Pay.

Accounts Receivable

Tracks money owed by customers. Identifies delinquent bills and helps improve cash flow. Creates quotes, standard bills, and detailed invoices with unlimited notes to communicate products delivered and services rendered in detail. Handles Sales Commissions, Sales Tax Processing, Finance Charges, and more.

Check Reconciliation

Reconciliation is one of the most important financial controls for any business. Automatically gets deposits and checks from PBS Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll modules. General Ledger distributions from checkbook transactions such as back charges, interest earned, etc. can be directly interfaced from Check Reconciliation to the General Ledger package, reducing repetitive data entry.

General Ledger

See the “big picture” to make informed decisions and future plans. Provides comprehensive information for financial analysis and control. Design financial statements to display profit or loss, assets, liabilities, and equity. Supports Multiple Companies, Multiple Cost Centers.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control tracks inventory to maintain optimum levels. Generates complete information on inventory valuation, quantities on hand and committed, and the flow of items sold. Faster, more accurate order fulfillment can help you streamline and be more profitable.

Job Cost

Provides the tools you need to track costs, income, and profits related to specific jobs and sub-jobs. Reports that tabulate and examine costs, compare actual with budgeted or estimated costs, and track job billings and payments are available.

Labor, material and subcontract costs, profit, and up to five user-defined cost types are tracked for management. Budgets are tracked against actual costs incurred. Enter new or in-progress jobs as well as completion estimates for individual parts of jobs.

Order Entry

Order Entry processes customer orders quickly and accurately. Includes inventory verification when entering orders, immediate customer information, and discount levels calculated. Tracks and processes serial numbers, lot control, multi-warehouse, and multi-stocking unit features. Integrates with PBS Mobility™.


Comprehensive yet easy to use in-house payroll management software. Flexible settings accommodate a variety of payroll needs and provide compliance with federal, state and local payroll. Maintains employee data, calculates taxes, handles deductions and prints payroll checks. Eliminates the process of manually preparing tax information.

Handles both hourly and salaried employees on daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semimonthly, monthly, and quarterly pay frequencies. Multi-state/multi-city payroll within a pay period available. Fixed earnings, 401k and fixed before-tax deductions are prorated across states and/or cities. ACH Direct Deposit and Email paystubs to employees. Positive Pay, and much more.

Purchase Order

Helps you order goods and services from vendors. Prints Expedite Shipment Reports, Follow-Up Past Due Shipments Reports, and Excess of Quantity Ordered Reports.

Sales Analysis

Identify your best customer, best-selling items and services, productive sales reps, strong sales regions, and more easily to support your management and planning decisions.

Point of Sale

For smaller retail operations or distributors with counter traffic, Passport’s Point of Sale offers single screen transaction entry, user permissions and access controls. It is easy to learn and use.

Passport’s Point of Sale requires PBS Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control. It can also interface to Sales Analysis and Accounts Payable.

Manufacturing Modules:

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is the foundation of PBS Manufacturing. It helps you maintain a real time and accurate inventory control and pricing information about purchased and manufactured items, which can help you gain confidence in your business system.

Product Definition

Product Definition and Costing allows creation and maintenance of bills of material, work centers, and manufacturing routings. Estimated or standard product costs may be automatically calculated from this information.

Product Definition costing data is used by the rest of the system to perform tasks such as scheduling, costing, and materials and capacity planning functions.

Customer Order Processing

Customer Order Processing will streamline your order management cycle and improve customer service and satisfaction. You can easily enter quotes, sales orders, maintain accurate records, advise customers of order status and item availability, and issue invoices promptly.

Sales Analysis and history features provide a valuable tool for management. You may use pre-printed forms or may opt to use our plain paper forms to reduce your overall costs. Quotes, sales order acknowledgements, and invoices may also be sent electronically on an order-by-order basis.

Product Purchasing

Product Purchasing is a complete system for procurement management. You can enter and maintain purchase orders, blanket purchase orders and item sources.

Item sources will help streamline the buying decision by allowing you to maintain and view item information specific to each vendor you purchase it from including pricing, vendor item numbers, and conversion ratios for buying in a different unit of measure than yours. You can also maintain a “report card” for each vendor. Actual costs may be optionally posted directly to jobs in the Manufacturing Job Costing module.

Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control gives production management accurate and timely information on jobs, work-in-process, and production activity. It allows detail planning and scheduling, the creation of work centers, and highlights shop floor problems as they occur.

Real-time bar-coded labor collection is also available making information available immediately. Shop order status displays will also allow you to pinpoint where an order is in production and even allow you to drill down and view the specific labor transactions for each operation.

Manufacturing Job Costing

Manufacturing Job Costing functions include job cost estimating and actual cost reporting, as well as ad-hoc quoting. Information is available for both open and closed jobs allowing you to better manage costs on a job by job basis.

Master Scheduling & MRP

Master Scheduling & MRP provides planning functions for sales, production, and material requirements. This module can help an organization improve delivery times, reduce inventory and ensure manufacturing has what they need when they need it. It is useful for planning in response to actual demand as well as to a sales forecast or a combination of the two.

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning allows manufacturers to plan optimal production based on requirements and plant capacity. It is a powerful tool for better scheduling, routing, and manpower planning. Production bottlenecks and backload problems are identified before they occur. Loading at critical work centers can be planned and simulated.



Leverage the power of Passport Business Solutions™ (PBS ™) on your Linux operating system.

For 30+ years Passport Software has been a leader in providing professional-level Linux accounting software for small to medium sized operations. Our Thin Client solution allows Windows users to work with familiar graphical interface. We offer a full suite of user-friendly modular solutions for Linux in the following sectors: Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, and Affordable Care Act Compliance Management.

Microsoft SQL

Optional additional products:

Credit Card Processing

More and more businesses are finding it important to be able to accept credit card payments from their customers. It can often mean the difference between closing a sale and losing it.  PBS Card Payment Processing offers a multitude of benefits.

PBS Mobility™

PBS Orders and Inventory Items allows you to use an android phone or tablet to simplify order fulfillment faster, and with far less effort.  Place Orders in real time. After scanning, new orders can be immediately sent to the live Passport system back at the facility (with Full Functionality enabled). It also provides you with tools for taking physical counts on your mobile device and passing them to PBS for processing. Reduce order lead time, Scan inventory on the fly, and reduce inventory errors.

Thin Client

You can easily access PBS over the Internet using Thin Client.  Provide your remote workers with a secure tunnel directly and exclusively to the PBS accounting applications on your server using Thin Client.

Brings familiar PBS graphical screen displays to Windows users in Linux server environment.

Ecommerce and EDI Solutions

PBS Ecommerce can be used for both B2B and B2C sites. It supports various transactions such as order pushing, shipping confirmation, inventory feed, and more. Credit card processing directly from the Ecommerce site is optional. Passport provides EDI solutions that can directly link with PBS Order Entry and provide other transactions sets—such as PO change, PO acknowledgment, and Inventory Feed when necessary.

PBS™ Data Import

With Passport Software’s Data Import Manager, repetitive data entry can be substantially reduced, allowing your accounting staff to increase their productivity. For example, if your company uses a time clock application, your accounting staff may spend hours keying individual employee information into PBS Payroll at the end of each pay period. Using Data Import Manager, the data contained in the file provided by your time clock application is read, interpreted, and then, according to your pre-set directions, sent to selected fields in PBS. Safeguards allow you to verify the data is correct before you commit and update your PBS information.

Food Service Payroll

Food Service Payroll fulfills industry-specific payroll needs for restaurant and food service operations, as well as the Hospitality Industry in general.  Manage different pay rates for employees performing multiple job functions in one shift. Ongoing ROI in as little as six months due to cost savings with an outside payroll service. Track direct and indirect tips.  Optional Affordable Care Act Compliance Management software for a complete Payroll management solution.

TimeClick® Time Clock Software

Accurate, Secure, Affordable time clock software from our partner TimeClick  that integrates tightly with PBS™ Payroll. Easy to Use, Saves Time, Reduces errors and “Buddy Logins”.

PBS Pack-N-Ship™

Passport’s PBS Pack-N-Ship™ provides barcode scanning and box packing functionality integrated with Starship shipping software. Optional integration with SCAS Starship Interface to choose carrier and service enables you to better manage freight costs and use shipping as a profit center. Deliver the right products on time and achieve zero defect shipping.


Write custom reports, add external applications unique for your company, integrate with your UPS shipping system, and much more. You can use tools like Microsoft Access®, Excel®, Crystal Reports and any other ODBC-compliant application to view and display your information. AcuXDBC is an optional, add-on product that will allow you to have direct, read-only access to your data files.

Passport™ Query Builder

This ad hoc report writer breaks down the process of building a business report into simple steps that almost anyone can use to accomplish the most important part of the job. Query Builder is a very user friendly tool that empowers users to create queries and views of PBS data. Established reports refresh with a single click for current data.

ACA Software or Service

Our IRS-certified ACA Software provides automated 1094/1095 filing and helps you comply with ACA mandatory reporting throughout the entire year. We are IRS-approved for optional proxy submission. Passport Software’s ACA Software alerts when an offer of coverage will be needed, and it ensures that coverage falls within the affordable range based on IRS criteria.

In addition to our ACA software solution, we offer quick and easy year-round Full-Service ACA Management. Just provide a spreadsheet of information and we do the rest, including year-end filing.