Food Service Payroll

Our Food Service Payroll and Affordable Care Act Software simplifies and streamlines payroll processing for restaurants and food service operations, as well as the Hospitality Industry in general. Reduce your operating budget by saving money on an outside payroll service and much more:

  • Manage different pay rates for employees. Handles multiple job functions at various locations.
  • Track direct and indirect tips.
  • Print your own checks or enable Direct Deposit.
  • Monitor Affordable Care Act compliance year around. Helps companies avoid costly penalties due to oversights made during the calendar year.
  • This software is compatible with many restaurant POS systems.

Brief Video – How we can help your Restaurant, Hotel or Food Service Operation

Ongoing ROI in as few as 6 months

Our solution provides an ongoing ROI in as few as 6 months due to cost savings with an outside payroll service. Have the confidence that paychecks will be correct and ready on time.

  • Accurate paychecks – calculates hourly rates and job codes for each employee’s time worked. Improved detail reduces payroll errors.
  • Efficient paycheck distribution – print alphabetically by last name, by department, location, etc. Faster check distribution with fewer mistakes. ACH Direct Deposit & Email paystubs to employees.
  • Clear withholding and deduction exceptions reporting
  • Comprehensive tip management – tracks direct and indirect tips for allocation, including individual employee sales for tip allocation, and employer-collected tips for distribution on employee payroll.
  • Better costs and profits insight with detailed management reports – including pay distribution by employee, job code, GL account, and GL cost center.

Food Service Payroll Demo

Tools and Reports

Restaurants and food service companies often operate within thin margins while at the same time employing a large workforce with frequently changing schedules and functions. Mistakes carry painful consequences including penalties and reduced profits.

Our fully-integrated Food Service Payroll and ACA Software provides tools and reports designed specifically for food service environments. Payroll processing is more efficient with fewer errors, and it is easier to manage the number of hours worked by part time employees, minimizing the possibility of IRS penalties for ACA violations.

Our on-premise Food Service Payroll software offers unique industry features.

  • Payroll job codes with hourly rates and distribution accounts
  • Up to 5 payroll job default codes can be assigned to each employee
  • Distribution of pay by job code with default rates and accounts
  • Exemptions register reports deduction and withholding exemptions due to insufficient net pay
  • Tracking of direct and indirect tips for tip allocation purposes
  • Tracking employee sales for tip allocation
  • Support for tips collected by the employer and paid on the payroll check
  • Reports history of pay distributions by employee, job code, GL account, and GL cost center