Query Builder for Passport Business Solutions™

Passport™ Query Builder is a software reporting tool that simplifies Microsoft SQL reporting. Thanks to a friendly user interface, there is no need to know SQL reporting tool commands. Just select the PBS™ data you want, view your results, and run your report.

Passport Query Builder allows users to export reporting data to Excel, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or any ODBC-compliant program such as Access, Crystal, etc.

  • Access, view and report on PBS data the way you want
  • Save and refresh key reports
  • Easier to use than standard Microsoft SQL reporting

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Professional Quality Reports

Finance professionals will love the ease of creating and refreshing reports. Sales reps in the field that need quick access to inventory levels will have it.

Your customer service staff will enjoy quick access to reports that make everyone’s life easier.

Your Passport Partner can provide you with the system requirements for the environments that support PBS SQL and Query Builder as a SQL reporting tool.

  • Passport Query Builder is an add-on software reporting tool for user-designed reporting
  • Create quick and easy ad hoc queries; Push reporting data to Excel or other reporting tools
  • Use Microsoft Report Builder to create professional quality, graphical reports after Query Builder creates the initial report

Query Builder Demo

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