Passport Software’s Optional Thin Client

Thin Client provides many benefits

Using Thin Client significantly increases processing speed over the standard server installation, as most of the processing work is accomplished on the server. Transactions do not have to travel back and forth between the server and client (workstation).

Increased performance is realized, network bandwidth availability increases, making daily data entry, running reports on large files, accessing Lookups, and printing large reports to disk all more efficient.

You can easily access PBS over the Internet using Thin Client. You may provide your remote workers with a secure tunnel directly and exclusively to the PBS accounting applications on your server using Thin Client.

With Thin Client, Windows system users accessing PBS installed on a Linux server can take full advantage of their PBS Windows graphical functionality. Point-and-click options, graphical toolbar, Windows printing, GUI Lookups, GUI Menus, and more – all these options become available for PBS users on Windows workstations.

In many instances, the ability to continue to use older workstations is also a benefit, thus reducing hardware replacement costs. As the name “thin” client implies – no super-speed, high-memory client workstation system is required.

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