Why PBS™ Manufacturing ERP Software?

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PBS™ Manufacturing ERP Handles Common Challenges

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Here are some examples of how PBS Manufacturing ERP Software has helped companies gain control of their shop floor.

Several common problems manufacturers may face include:

·         Not having material in a timely fashion, which is slows down projects and leads to inefficient use of labor.

·         Lack of visibility of information that makes for an inefficiently run operation. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

·         Data exists in many different, disconnected places.

·         As a result of this information being stored in different places, there is a lot of duplicate work being done.  For example, sales could be entering orders in several different places and none of them talk to one another.

Inventory Problem – Lack of Visibility

This is a common problem. PBS Manufacturing ERP software can help with the following:

As you set re-order levels for commonly used items, the idea is you should be nearing stock out when the next material is hitting the shelf. You should be able to run a report daily and get a list of items that require your attention so you can quickly act on them and keep inventory flowing smoothly.

The bottom line is by getting your company into a perpetual inventory situation, and increasing your visibility of your inventory, you should be able to better meet your production and spare parts needs. That means improving your customer service levels on both fronts!

Data Scattered Across Your Business

Some companies have data being stored in many different places, examples could include:

·         In a quoting system that’s connected to nothing else.

·         In a spreadsheet for each item being ordered (created after the quote and before production begins).

·         In a spreadsheet for order schedules.

·         In NCR Counterpoint.

·         In various other spreadsheets

·         In your current manufacturing system

Our manufacturing ERP software can bring your data into a single database. You can integrate the quoting system and also generate configured part numbers/create a new sales order for the project at the same time.

The schedules can flow right from the application, meaning there’s not need to enter orders into the schedule as well. You can even tailor how your schedules break down if you’d like, allowing you to get your schedules the way you want/need them.

Stay tuned for Part II about the common challenges manufacturers face – and how PBS Manufacturing can help.

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