Why Accounts Receivable Software for Small Business?

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This post is for small to mid-sized companies who may be vetting a new accounting system. We hope you find it useful.

Accounts receivable refers to customer payments a company should receive for its products or services rendered, and accounts receivable software helps track and streamline management of a company’s cash flow.

AR software plays a crucial role in tracking money owed and helping to calculate a company’s profitability.

Automation helps ensure customers are billed, payments are recorded, and helps to reduce errors that may occur from manual tracking.

Using an automated system helps ensure that invoices are sent in a timely manner and provides reporting for documentation and proof of income for tax filing.


An automated AR management system can help you stay on top of customer payments, and automation supports consistent internal processes if invoicing and AR management are executed consistently.

If invoicing and reporting are performed consistently by staff, accounts receivable software saves time and effort, increases visibility and payment status, and makes it easy to confirm payments received.

Aggregated data and real-time reporting can streamline response-time for customer inquiries and enhance customer service.


Accounts receivable, when part of a full accounting ERP system, can assist with income forecasting, and a robust accounting system can help a company determine if it is in compliance with payroll, ACA regulations, and interstate sales and use tax requirements.

PBS Accounting is a comprehensive system that provides the next step for companies outgrowing their entry level solutions. Its modular format allows you to configure a system that scales to meet your company’s unique needs and manage your growth.

Passport Software

With 35 years of business and accounting experience, Passport Software provides comprehensive yet easy to use accounts receivable software for small business which is part of our robust and affordable accounting software suite for small to medium sized companies.

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