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For many manufacturers, inventory control is crucial for improving overall efficiency and planning. PBS™ Manufacturing can help you track your inventory throughout the process, and forecast and manage your purchasing more effectively.

“Just in time” production means implementing lean inventory management to meet customer demands on-time.

PBS saves wasted time and effort for those operations tracking inventory manually. With our manufacturing inventory software, you can easily track, manage and control your stock.


PBS Manufacturing allows you to gain control of your shop floor.  Managing inventory effectively can help you streamline and fulfill orders on time.

Having the right amount of materials on hand when you need them keeps orders moving and prevents overstocking, which can tie up cash flow.

Enter sales orders, organize multiple shop orders, and explode your Bill of Materials down to the sub assembly.

Enter and schedule your routings (labor steps) and PBS will tally material costs with labor and overhead for a total cost roll-up.

No more “best-guess planning” – knowing your actual profit margins on individual products helps you make adjustments to increase your bottom line.

The Inventory Management (IM) module is the cornerstone for PBS Manufacturing.  Our manufacturing inventory software can with other PBS modules including our accounting system.

To learn more call Dave Dorsey at 800-969-7900 x145.  Or contact us – we are here to help.

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