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Make To Order Manufacturing Software

With today’s tight margins many companies choose to operate as a make to order manufacturing company. They often produce the same products over and over but generally only when a customer has placed an order.

If you are a make to order manufacturer, PBS™ Manufacturing is a great ERP solution that can help you in many ways. One common benefit of our make to order manufacturing software is shortened product lead-times. This allows you to turn your orders over faster and more accurately.

It often results in lowered costs and can increase your competitive position in your marketplace.

Whether you want detailed operational schedules or simple shop order schedules telling your shop when to start and when it needs to finish your orders, our scheduling tools will ensure your orders flow smoothly through production and out the door to your customers.

Many companies see their on-time deliveries increase dramatically after implementing our make to order manufacturing software.

The material planning tools can help make certain you have the materials you need to meet customer’s demands.

Again, the degree of control is completely up to you. You can do basic demand planning through our “Shop Order MRP” in our Inventory Management module, or you can use our more sophisticated Material Requirements Planning module.

Our make to order manufacturing software allows you to add in our job costing capability, which will allow you to compare estimated costs to actual, and you’ve got the perfect solution for your Make to Order shop!

“Lead times on custom single lead wires was reduced from 8 weeks to 4 weeks” – Dave Thibodeau, President, Quirk Wire, Co., Inc.

“For example, we recently had a rush order arrive at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. This order was completed and was shipped out in the next morning’s UPS pick-up. Prior to using PBS this would have taken us at least three days to accomplish. Our lead time is indeed down to hours, from days.” – Bill Allhusen, Engineering Manager, Cosense, Inc.

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