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Implementing Manufacturing ERP – Change Management

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This post is for small to mid-sized manufacturers that are vetting a new system. We hope you find this useful.

Once you have selected your Manufacturing ERP, it is time to begin implementation and change management as you make the transition.

Your provider should be experienced in change management and provide a timeline for a smooth transition including implementation and training.

The implementation date, or go-live-date, should be considered carefully to avoid a peak or busy season, and all parties, both management and front line staff who will use the system need to be prepared and aware of the implementation and training time line.


Your implementation strategy can be completed on a fixed date, or for multiple locations, implemented sequentially by location.  The new system can also be implemented gradually by department.

A smaller or mid-sized operation may be set up for unified implementation rather than phasing in use of the new system.

For multiple locations, the headquarters may be the first to deploy the manufacturing ERP and other locations scheduled at a later date.

Smooth Transition

In order to minimize disruption, it’s crucial that your provider be experienced in managing a smooth data migration, so that valuable information will not be lost during transition.

Fiscal end-of-year may not be an advisable time to migrate to a new manufacturing ERP, but instead select a slower period during the year, when product demand is lower.

Also, when migrating make sure to save your tax document history in case of a future IRS audit.


Once the system is set up and tested, training will commence.  Be sure the necessary employees are trained and on-board, as it’s crucial that the system be used properly to optimize material and operations tracking and throughput.

Your manufacturing ERP vendor should be experienced in managing and testing the system setup in order to identify any issues that might occur during and after data migration.

An experienced vendor will provide you with a timeline for setup and training, and be available for assistance as you make the transition to your new system.

It is important to inform and involve key employees during the selection process to make sure staff is on board and not resistant to change.

Employees can also assist in assuring processes are designed to fit the unique workflow of your company.

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