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Streamline and Overcome Supply Chain Challenges

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This post is for small and medium-sized manufacturers that are vetting new manufacturing software systems. We hope you find it useful.

Supply chain disruptions, production material shortages, and talent shortages have provided challenges for many manufacturing operations. For many shops, improved supply chain management has become essential for maintaining on-time deliveries.

PBS™ Manufacturing software for small to mid-sized companies helps to streamline operations and better manage your supply chain. And, an effective manufacturing system can provide more throughput with fewer employees.

If you are manually tracking or using workarounds due to an outdated system, you may have decided to vet new manufacturing ERP.

A common hurdle to implementing new technology is the fear of change management, that change will be a hassle or difficult. Our experienced consultants can help you determine if PBS Manufacturing is a good fit for your company. We also help ensure a smooth implementation and training process.


The pandemic has resulted in supply chain disruptions and shortages that have brought attention to the importance of effective supply chain management. Investing in the right manufacturing ERP system can help manage disruptions in your supply chain.

Implementing the right system, not only to optimize your supply chain, but to improve productivity may be a turning point for operational success. For those experiencing talent shortages, manufacturing software for small businesses can facilitate more throughput with fewer employees to free staff up for other critical duties.

PBS™ Manufacturing provides productivity tools for small businesses and mid-sized operations. Our manufacturing software for small business is tailored to fit your company’s unique needs rather than a one size fits all solution. In-depth reporting provides business intelligence to ensure your decisions are made with the right data.

Production material shortages and inflation and here to stay for the foreseeable future and embracing the right technology can mitigate these challenges.

Supply Chain Management

According to a Deloitte 2022 annual industry report, “Nearly 80% of supply chain leaders say their digital transformation has accelerated due to the pandemic.” The report also states, “Current average lead times for production materials have climbed to 97 days, a 45% increase over the past year alone.” Supply chain bottlenecks are predicted for the next two years and is cited as contribution to ongoing inflation.

Implementing an effective system helps you gain better visibility and improve your supply chain management. The talent shortage continues to be a challenge for manufacturers. Effective manufacturing software for small businesses reduces manual effort to facilitate more productivity with fewer employees.

Change Management

Our manufacturing experts help ensure a smooth implementation and we provide excellent training and support. When consulting with our experts, it’s important to discuss any workarounds you’re using due to an outdated system or if you’re manually tracking processes.

Relaying your unique business processes will help ensure PBS™ Manufacturing is a good match for your operation. Discussing any complex processes, bottlenecks, or areas needing improvement is important in vetting a manufacturing software system.

Partnering with an excellent consultant will ensure you meet your business goals and that your system is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Involving key employees who can provide detailed operational knowledge can benefit the selection process and help facilitate employee buy-in.

Passport Software

PBS™ Manufacturing software for small businesses and mid-sized companies can help you better manage purchasing to manage supply chain disruptions and inflation.

Comprehensive manufacturing ERP allows you gain visibility of your purchasing and pricing options when replenishing inventory.

You can set alternate suppliers in your system and select costing methods, such as cost-plus or cost-based, which can help you prepare for rapidly changing supplier costs.

Automating purchasing will also help if you are using system workarounds such as spreadsheets to determine the best availability and pricing from various vendors.

Improving supply chain management can help offset disruptions and production material shortages. Having materials on hand when you need them can improve lead times in order to better meet customer demands.

To learn more about PBS™ Manufacturing software for small businesses and mid-sized operations, call 800-969-7900. Or, contact us – we are here to help.

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