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Digital Transformation for Small to Mid-sized Operations

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This post is for small and medium-sized manufacturers that are vetting new manufacturing software systems. We hope you find it useful.

A smaller manufacturer may have a smaller team and a leaner budget than larger operations, which is why PBS™ (Passport Business Solutions™) Manufacturing is designed with small to mid-sized companies in mind. PBS Manufacturing provides a flexible, scalable ERP solution that integrates with PBS™ Accounting for a robust yet affordable ERP system.

An effective manufacturing system provides greater visibility to help shops streamline and have materials on hand when they need them. And, it provides immediate reporting for better business intelligence. Digital transformation helps shops work smarter, improve productivity, and can facilitate more throughput with fewer employees.

Improved production processes and increased operational efficiency combined with real-time visibility of your entire operation helps prevent bottlenecks and improves profitability.

Manual Tracking

For manufacturers that may be manually tracking, housing data in various silos – or even storing data in an employee’s head – aggregating key data can drastically improve processes. If you are underwhelmed by your current ERP system or storing data in different sources, implementing effective manufacturing ERP can provide ongoing ROI through improved visibility and productivity.

Our expert consultants can help ensure that PBS is tailored to your unique needs and that you will get a solid ROI on your investment.  PBS Manufacturing can help you gain control of your shop floor, improve purchasing, gain visibility over your entire operation, and prepare for growth.

Manufacturing Growth

According to the Reshoring Initiative, the U.S. will have reshored 350,000 jobs by year-end. Companies are reshoring manufacturing operations due to supply chain disruptions, increased shipping costs, as well as the CHIPS and Science Act tax breaks.

This year $3.1 billion in funding (part of the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) has been allocated to manufacture electric vehicle batteries and components in the United States. Many manufacturers are increasingly using robotics, diminishing labor intensive processes and increasing the demand for robotics certified workers.

For operations using robotic automation, executing labor activities manually, or a combination thereof, operational efficiency and visibility are key to improved productivity and profitability.

PBS Manufacturing

Effective manufacturing ERP supports your company’s unique process and provides more throughput with fewer employees, compared to manual tracking or using an outdated system.

– PBS™ Manufacturing streamlines purchasing, inventory management and much more. Have materials on hand when you need them.

– PBS™ Manufacturing can save time and effort on redundant entry and reduce errors. PBS™ scales up or down for a complete ERP system for small to mid-sized operations.

– Our Manufacturing ERP can help you prevent wasted time searching for data stored on various spreadsheets or housed in different systems.

– Improve your financial management and gain visibility over your entire operation for better business insight and decision making.

PBS Manufacturing offers optional integration with PBS Accounting for an affordable yet complete manufacturing ERP solution. Gain control better control over your operational processes and streamline your company’s financial management.

Better Business Intelligence

With continued business disruptions due to supply chain issues and inflation, leveraging effective business intelligence is more important than ever.

Tracking and analyzing key financial data with comprehensive reporting can help guide better business decisions to maintain a competitive edge.

Passport Software’s latest version of PBS™ delivers new technology and feature enhancements, both saving time and money.

– PBS™ SQL makes Passport data accessible to a wide variety of reporting tools that are easy to use, allowing the creation of customized reports without requiring custom programming. Passport Query Builder™ is now available free of charge and is included with all new 12.08 PBS SQL installations. This ad hoc report writer breaks down the process of building a business report into simple steps allowing your management and employees to accomplish informed decision making.

– PBS Reports Plus™ is a new reporting option offering both Excel output and two graphical report designs. Reports may now be sent directly to Excel, opening a fully functional rows-and-columns spreadsheet.

– PBS eDocs is a fully integrated document management solution, a brand-new technology introduced with PBS SQL Version 12.08 (currently available for PBS SQL Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable). This technology saves time, effort, and gives staff much improved access to important documents electronically, without the hassle of copying and passing paper documents around from person to person, hoping that they land where they need to be.

We provide top-notch consultation, training, and support to provide you with an affordable, robust manufacturing system to streamline operations and increase profitability. PBS Manufacturing software for small businesses and mid-sized operations is a modular solution, giving you flexibility to configure a system to meet your unique needs.

To learn more about PBS Manufacturing call 800-969-7900. Or contact us – we are here to help.

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