PBS™ eDocs – Document Management for Passport Business Solutions

PBS™ eDocs is a fully integrated document management solution, currently available for PBS SQL Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Now you can scan in a vendor’s invoice and any other associated documents such as a purchase order, packing slip or receiving report and save them in the PBS eDocs SQL database. Those scans are now linked to that vendor record in PBS.

The scanned documents may be quickly and easily retrieved by searching on any of the data in the voucher record, including Vendor name, Vendor invoice number or data such as PO#, Receiver#, or Voucher number.

How will it benefit my business?

One big benefit  is the elimination of the traditional vendor file cabinets full of paper documents. PBS eDocs reduces or eliminates the need for such cumbersome paper filing systems, as well as the time required to file and later find documents should they be needed.

Save time! Having electronic versions of important documents that can be cross-indexed by various criteria makes locating critical records easy and efficient. In addition to invoices and statements, many other types of content may be saved in the PBS eDocs database including:

  • Warranty documents
  • Pictures or other images
  • Emails with attachments
  • Spreadsheets and Word documents
  • Safety data sheets

The PBS eDocs database can also be backed up and stored off-site, providing an additional safeguard for important company records. PBS Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable are the first installments of PBS eDocs. Additional PBS eDocs module integrations will be released throughout the year.

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