Affordable Care Act Webinar for Manufacturers

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Simplify Compliance

Our IRS-certified ACA software solution simplifies compliance, tracks coverage and easily manages employee data throughout the year.

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Our ACA software streamlines comliance management year-round to help avoid costly penalties. Passport Software issues updates as part of its software maintenance program to adhere to federal reporting obligations.

Passport Software, Inc.

Passport Software’s comprehensive ACA software solution makes managing all the data less of a headache.

Our IRS-certified ACA compliance software handles the administrative burden for you. This webinar will show you how to simplify reporting and protect your company from possible penalties throughout the year.

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What distinguishes Passport’s IRS-certified ACA solution from others?

DATA IMPORT, SPEED AND EASE: Import employee information, generate every employee ACA record in seconds, and it is even easier for subsequent years in Passport. Plus, you get all the tools to avoid IRS penalties throughout the year.

At Passport, we consider ourselves a service company that happens to provide business management software. Our excellent customer service helps walk you through the process and, we are IRS-approved to submit on your behalf.

“Please know that I am very grateful for all of your assistance with all things ACA! The IRS has not been helpful and I am flying solo within the company for this, so you have been an absolute godsend!” – C.N., Accounting Manager

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Track Eligibility

The system alerts when an offer of coverage will be needed and it ensures that it falls within the affordable range based on IRS criteria.

Monitor Compliance

Track offers of insurance and whether the employee accepts or declines the offer.

IRS Reporting

Automated 1094/1095 filing helps you comply with ACA’s mandatory reporting throughout the entire year.