Why On-premise Software?

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Cloud Services vs. On-premise Software

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This post is for companies who may be considering the benefits of on-premise software vs. a cloud solution.

Cloud computing is often a popular topic in IT, and we hope you find this information useful.

Cloud software, or SaaS (software as a service) is accessed via the internet while license-based software is installed on your computer.

Many cloud providers still offer desktop software – why is this the case?

Pitfalls of Cloud Computing

Here are some reasons providers still offer license-based software:

·         Cloud services usually bill on a monthly basis, and are more costly than a desktop version. Licensed software usually requires a one-time purchase and a nominal annual fee for maintenance/updates.

·         With a cloud service, a company does not own their software or their data.

·         Cloud software is considered relatively simple to implement; it does not have to be downloaded and installed. However, your computer still needs to have an updated operating system/anti-virus software and your network maintained.

·         Cloud software is not necessarily easier to use than desktop software. Some cloud software is complex because it was first developed and converted from desktop software.

·         SaaS offers convenient data accessibility, but so does remote access software for a desktop solution.

·         Some cloud systems are one-size-fits-all, and pricing may include unwanted options. On-premise software is generally more customizable.

·         Using the cloud may be more of a security risk than an on-premise solution.

·         Also, when the internet goes down, you have no access to your cloud data.

Solutions for Your Business

Cloud-based systems have become popular in recent years, but a small to mid-sized company may benefit from an on-premise system.

Passport Software provides professional level on-premise solutions: Accounting, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, and Affordable Care Act Compliance Software.

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