What is Affordable Care Act Software?

Our ACA software

What is ACA Software?

ACA software is software for tracking, managing, or reporting ACA employee-related data. Some ACA software providers offer a forms-only solution for ACA electronic filing. Other providers offer ACA compliance management software that tracks data year-round and streamlines reporting.

With Affordable Care Act tracking software there is a wide range of prices with a varying scope of what the apps provide.

The forms-only software is less expensive than ACA compliance software that allows a company to track and manage ACA data year-round, produce forms, and streamline electronic reporting.

Each provider offers different levels of support and differing price points for services offered. Support packages and services offered to ACA software customers may include installation and/or technical support, training, answering ACA-related questions, and proxy submission services.

Passport Software’s ACA Software

Passport Software helps Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) comply with ACA mandatory reporting throughout the entire year and provides automated 1094/1095 filing.

Our ACA software alerts you when an offer of coverage will be needed, and it helps ensure that coverage falls within the affordable range based on IRS criteria.

With Passport Software’s IRS-Certified ACA Compliance Software, you can simplify reporting and manage Affordable Care Act employee data throughout the year.

– Monitor eligibility year-round
– Determine affordability
– Accurate data import, capture and data reconciliation
– Automation for faster filing and reporting activities
– Optional integrated payroll software is available

Passport Software is IRS-approved for optional proxy-submission on behalf of its ACA customers and also offers penalty response consultation services.

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