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Digital Transformation and the Smaller Manufacturer

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This post is for small to mid-sized manufacturers vetting a new manufacturing system. The following was sourced from The Manufacturer, and we hope you find it useful:

According to a new report published by The Manufacturer and IBM, 67% of manufacturers have “accelerated their adoption of digital technologies as the result of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Increasing productivity and operational efficiency are currently priorities for many manufacturers.  According to The Manufacturer “the most significant barrier to technology adoption is organizational culture.”

However, most senior manufacturing staff view that implementing the right technology is a means to achieving key business goals.

The right manufacturing ERP system can help streamline operations and increase throughput, freeing up staff for other critical operational tasks.

A good manufacturing system will ensure you gain a bird’s eye view of your operations and have materials on hand when you need them to facilitate on-time deliveries.

Manufacturing software that is a good fit for your company can also provide in-depth reporting for better business intelligence.


Jonny Williamson, Editorial Director of The Manufacturer and author of the report, said: “As the report makes clear, the immediate focus has been on improving operational efficiency and resilience in order to achieve maximum output with minimum outlay – ultimately, to keep factory doors open. Businesses have faced disruption at every turn and the vast majority have demonstrated an incredible capacity to embrace change at speed.”

Rishabh Arora, Industry 4.0 Leader at IBM UK, commented: “The pandemic was a wake-up call that disrupted the as-is more than anyone could have previously anticipated… As seen in this report, the pandemic has made executives more trusting of what technology can do, and they are pushing ahead with investments to digital transformation.”

He continues, “This presents an enticing opportunity for executives who can manage complexity and drive competitiveness by tying digital transformation to business priorities – while others are still waiting for things to ‘go back to normal’.”


Passport Software’s manufacturing software for small businesses and mid-sized companies can help you gain the kind of shop floor visibility you need.

If you are manually tracking or using an outdated system, small business manufacturing software that is the right fit for your company can help streamline operations. The right system can also lead to ongoing ROI.

Some manufacturers may experience a drastic improvement in on-time delivery with the right system which helps you have materials on hand when you need them.

PBS™ Manufacturing generates useful reports that provide actionable intelligence for better business decision making. Increase productivity and prioritize tasks – the right system can allow you more throughput with fewer employees, freeing staff up for other important duties.

Better visibility helps you gain control of your shop floor and meet customer demand on time, and better customer service can help you remain competitive in the marketplace.

You can prevent bottlenecks and eliminate “best-guess” planning by streamlining and gaining better visibility of your operational processes.

Passport Software provides excellent consulting so you can determine if our manufacturing solution is right for your company. PBS™ Manufacturing also integrates with PBS™ Accounting for a full-featured ERP system.

Our small business manufacturing software is powerful, affordable, and we provide excellent training and support.

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