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PBS Manufacturing Job Costing Module

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This post is for manufacturers interested in implementing a powerful cost management tool. For over 30 years, Passport has helped manufacturing businesses streamline and grow their operations.

The Manufacturing Job Costing module (MJ), allows you to create cost estimates for each shop order on a job, and then allows you to accumulate actual costs.

The reporting then allows you to review these costs before, during or after the job is completed. The MJ module is one of various PBS Manufacturing Software modules.

A tool like this can aid you in getting a better handle on what it costs you to make your products. Many companies run on assumptions, but when they implement a tool like MJ, they find their assumptions were grossly inaccurate.  PBS manufacturing software assists you in better estimating actual job costs.

When used in conjunction with the Shop Floor Control module, you can reap the benefits of Manufacturing Job Costing with little to no additional effort. Jobs can be created automatically and the result–with no additional data entry–you’re ready to accumulate actual costs and have your comparatives in place.

The costing reports in Manufacturing Job Costing will allow you to see costs broken down into categories, Material, Outside Processes, Labor, Burden and Misc. Costs. This will enable you to see not only where your variances are, but will also point to the area(s) needing review.

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