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Supply Chain Disruptions Are Pushing Up Inflation

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This post is for small and medium-sized companies that are vetting new manufacturing software systems. We hope you find it useful.

According to Forbes.com, supply chain disruptions are causing temporary price upticks due to product scarcity, and this situation could become more permanent. Inflation may settle in at higher rates.

Reshoring can improve item availability and might provide better quality products in some instances, yet these items may not necessarily be less costly.

Longer wait times for available components are causing challenges for some manufacturers, and higher demand may raise purchasing costs.

In turn, some shops may have to pass along the inflated parts costs to their customers. And, inefficiency can be a side-effect of parts being unavailable when you need them.

Alternate Suppliers

If you are manually tracking, a good manufacturing system will allow you to gain better control over your purchasing. Setting alternate suppliers in your Manufacturing ERP software can help streamline the purchasing process.

Automating purchasing will also help if you are scrambling to use system workarounds such as spreadsheets to determine the best availability and pricing from various vendors.

Comprehensive manufacturing ERP can help streamline your operations end-to-end and allow you to quickly and easily gain visibility of your purchasing and pricing options when replenishing inventory.

A good manufacturing software system will allow you to select costing methods, such as cost-plus or cost-based, which can help you prepare for rapidly changing supplier costs.

Passport Software

PBS Manufacturing software allows you to enter alternate vendors into the system in order to have better visibility of your purchasing and pricing options.

And, PBS Manufacturing can help you adjust to rapid price changes by automatically calculating the price from the latest cost and utilizing your chosen costing method.

PBS Manufacturing ERP can streamline your operations, provide greater visibility, and improve efficiency and throughput.

Our consulting and needs-analysis are second to none, and our goal is to help you configure a system that provides an excellent fit for your company.

Without experienced consulting, you may end up investing in powerful software that ends up being cumbersome, expensive, or ineffective.

We pride ourselves on getting to know your business processes well enough to support your company’s unique needs.

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