PBS™ Data Import

Data Import

With Passport Software’s Data Import Manager, repetitive data entry can be substantially reduced, allowing your accounting staff to increase their productivity.

For example, if your company uses a time clock application, your accounting staff may spend hours keying individual employee information into PBS Payroll at the end of each pay period.

Using Data Import Manager, the data contained in the file provided by your time clock application is read, interpreted, and then, according to your preset directions, sent to selected fields in PBS. Safeguards allow you to verify the data is correct before you commit and update your PBS information.

  • Import AR summaries (AR charges) including full GL distributions, AP vouchers, and PR time-worked transactions. Take virtually any external data that can be produced in the form of a flat file (including fixed format and common or tab delimited CSV text files) and direct it to automatically fill in the fields you select within Passport Business Solutions.
  • Checkbook transactions are added to the list of transaction file imports.
  • The ability to import master file data for IC Items, Vendor Items, and Customers.
  • With the IC Items import, price changes distributed by your suppliers can now be automatically applied.
  • With the combination of Customer Maintenance import along with the existing AR Miscellaneous Charges and AP Vouchers and GL Distribution imports, now you can interface with a number of CRM and Point of Sale applications.

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