Time Worked Import Options Save Time and Reduce Errors

With the release of PBS v12.08, users have the ability to generate an Excel template prepopulated with all active employees, and after entering the pay period hours, directly imported them. Your employee hours will appear just as if you had entered them manually in PBS. You may edit, add, or delete as you like.

In Payroll>>Attendance worksheet there is a new checkbox to Create Excel worksheet. The existing filters for pay frequency and Department are still used, as is the ordering. Options are by Employee name, Employee #, or Employee # within department.

For a more comprehensive time worked collection and import solution, we recommend TimeClick® time clock software.

TimeClick Time Clock Software

TimeClick provides time card software that integrates tightly with PBS™.

Save time by importing directly all your employees’ time data from TimeClick – the fully supported Passport Software time clock solution.

Affordable and Easy to Use

TimeClick is an easy-to-use and very affordable time clock program that offers many management reports and setup options.

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Time Tracking Made Easy

“I don’t know what we ever did without it. I feel sorry for people who are in the dark ages and are still manually calculating cumbersome and messy timecards.”