TimeClick®- Easy to Use Employee Time Clock Software

TimeClick Integrates with PBS Payroll

Passport Software’s partner TimeClick provides time card software that integrates tightly with PBS™.

  • Easy to Use, Saves Time, Reduces Errors and “Buddy Logins”
  • Modify Times, Run Reports, Integrates with Payroll
  • Accurate, Secure, Affordable Time Clock Software

Save time by importing directly all your employees’ time data from TimeClick – the fully supported Passport Software time clock solution.

Affordable and Easy to Use

TimeClick is an easy-to-use and very affordable time clock program that offers many management reports and setup options.

For more information and a free trial offer visit the TimeClick website.  A TimeClick expert will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Time Tracking Made Easy

  • Track jobs and departments
  • Request and manage time off
  • Send in-system messages
  • Use simple overtime management
  • And much more…

“I don’t know what we ever did without it. I feel sorry for people who are in the dark ages and are still manually calculating cumbersome and messy timecards.”

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