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Better Planning for Your Company

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This post is for manufacturers that are vetting new software systems. We hope you find it useful.

After the rush to prepare as much as possible for business disruptions, many owners and managers suddenly find themselves with time on their hands.

Sometimes it takes a little while to “ratchet down” from the hubbub. Then, the paper and clutter of every day operations comes into focus.

The things we didn’t finish, the appointments we had to cancel, places we are not able to visit…Feels like things ground to a halt.

Now what?

It has been said that change is the one constant in this world.

In business as in life, there are those people who see opportunities where others see problems. Maybe that person is the owner, or a manager, or a person on the shop floor – title has very little to do with the ability to see ways to improve a process or a way of doing business.

Familiarity with the operation and up-to-date, accurate information are key ingredients for management. And for planning.

Companies rarely get a chance to plan for change, but whether we like it or not, there is time now. Another perspective is, one can be sure one’s competition will be looking for advantages and ways to survive and even thrive.

Why not make the best of things and prepare for a prosperous and successful future?

Business Intelligence

Small to mid-sized manufacturers that are manually tracking may now be looking for a software solution that streamlines their operations and provides in-depth reporting for better business intelligence.

PBS Manufacturing aggregates your data into a comprehensive system that is both powerful and affordable, so you can gain control of your shop floor.

Have materials on hand when you need them so you can remain competitive in a changing marketplace.

Save time and effort on manual tracking, eliminate redundant entry, reduce error, and accomplish more with fewer staff.

Our manufacturing software requires integration with the AP and AR modules of our accounting software.

However, optional integration with our full accounting ERP can provide you with in-depth better visibility of your financials for better planning.

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