Manufacturing Software for Small Business – Vetting a New System

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PBS™ Manufacturing – Vetting Your New Software

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This post is for small to mid-size manufacturers who are considering vetting new manufacturing software.

Are you tracking data with various spreadsheets, using a basic/older manufacturing system, or is your current software not solving the problems at hand?

Vetting manufacturing software for small businesses requires excellent consulting to provide a good fit between a software system and your unique business processes.

Your consultant should be more interested in your success than pushing an agenda.  A good manufacturing specialist wants to get to know your company very well.

Effective consultants will ask many relevant questions in order to dig deep into your business processes to discover what’s working and what isn’t.

An experienced consultant won’t force a fit, but will let you evaluate for yourself if the potential system is a match.

Needs Analysis

Needs analysis is an upfront process that requires education, discovery and careful vetting.

·         What are your key goals in making this change to your business system?

·         What are the biggest problems you face in managing your business in terms of time and money?

·         Do you like certain things about your system, but consistently cope with functions that need improvement?

·         Does your current system require duplicate effort or data entry?

·         Can you get the information or reports you need when you need them? Without fiddling with separate spreadsheets?

·         Are you holding back because you worry that you might need an expensive, tier-one system for your small to mid-sized company?

Our consulting begins with website content and educational webinars, then a needs analysis conversation (or a walkthrough) with our specialist, who can provide several demos of PBS™ Manufacturing software for small business, as well as a  full report on the potential ROI.

You will know if PBS™ Manufacturing is a fit for your company when you determine that it will solve the problems at hand in order to help your company gain a competitive edge.

If we are not a fit, you will be the first to know, and our manufacturing consultant may even recommend other systems.


In addition to the application, the logistical processes performed by personnel need to be effective.  Our consultant may recommend that you need to re-engineer a process that already exists in order to be more effective.

It may be helpful to support staff in changing how they think about performing certain processes.

Passport Software is experienced at change management and can help your company through the transition process.

PBS™ Manufacturing Software for Small Businesses and mid-sized companies helps eliminate redundancy, cut down on errors, and provides an integrated system to match to your unique business processes.

To learn more contact Dave Dorsey at 800-969-7900 x145. Or Contact Us – We are here to help.

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