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PBS Essentials™ – Big Software in a Small Package

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This post is for small businesses that are vetting new accounting software systems. We hope you find it useful.

Passport Software, Inc. (PSI) has been a leader in the accounting software industry for 37 years, with thousands of customers worldwide.

We provide professional-level accounting software that is both powerful and affordable for small to mid-sized businesses.

However, over the years we received calls from “mom and pop” operations and startups who were interested in our accounting system but didn’t have the budget for it.

We began to see a real need for these smaller companies to purchase an affordable, true accounting system as they began to outgrow their entry-level solutions.

To meet the demands of customers and our Partners for a lower-end solution, PSI has created PBS Essentials™ to help customers starting a new business, or those wanting to move up in features from an entry-level product, to enter the Passport family of accounting with a set of powerful PBS™ applications essential to their business.

Affordable Accounting Solution

Offering the same robust features and functionality of Passport Business Solutions™, PBS Essentials™ is packaged at an affordable price for smaller companies.

With our ‘build your system’ approach, companies can choose three full-featured Passport Business Solutions modules for Accounting or Distribution, for a single user and a single company ID.

And, expanding PBS Essentials™ with additional users, modules and company ID’s is easy. Begin small and add on as you grow.

Your Growing Business

For companies with plans for growth, PBS Essentials™ allows smaller businesses to design a system flexible enough to support how they work now and also to adapt with them as their business grows and their needs change.

PBS Essentials™ is perfect for companies considering or outgrowing QuickBooks® and other entry-level solutions.

“This is real accounting software unlike many others. I used this software with an addon for over 20 years at another job. When I took over this company, I couldn’t wait to transition to this software again. I can recommend it to anyone who needs more than QuickBooks.”

Benefits of PBS Essentials™

Eliminate having to work around your software to track the information you need by adding spreadsheets to capture information that is not available in your current system.

This only chews up valuable staff time and creates double data entry, which adds to the risk for human error.

Our small business accounting software also supports fraud prevention measures with user-level access control, audit trails throughout the system, and other safeguards.

Comprehensive Solution

PBS Essentials™ provides detailed business intelligence reporting from accurate financial information from within the system to give you deep insight into your company for decision support. No need to pull data in from outside sources.

Struggling to keep up with all the regulatory compliance requirements? Our accounting software for small business keeps up with all the ever changing and evolving requirements so you don’t get hit with penalties and fines.

Excellent Support

Our support team members have years of experience and our support plans allow you to choose the right service level for your company.

Passport consistently gets rave reviews for our excellent US-based support. There is nothing worse than not getting calls back, trying to interact with support people who are not knowledgeable or even rude.

“Passport is a real accounting program with good audit trails. They have excellent customer service and are always willing to assist with any issue we might be having. Additionally, in the context of Passport’s overall cost compared to other programs they are very cost competitive.”

This past year has been a time of considerable business disruption and, as a result, your business needs may have changed.

PBS Essentials™ is small business accounting software that offers the sophisticated features of more expensive software at an affordable price. Big software in a small package.

Call 800-969-7900 to learn more. Or, contact us – we are here to help.


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