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This post is for Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) required to comply with the Affordable Care Act. While the Affordable Care Act remains in effect, compliance is still mandatory.  We hope you find this post helpful.

Comprehensive Solutions

What is comprehensive ACA software as opposed to services that just provide and e-file forms at year end?  Services that offer reporting-only may not tell you about the things they don’t do.

Filing year-end reporting forms is just part of ACA compliance.  It’s important to adhere to ACA compliance guidelines throughout the year to avoid potential steep penalties.

Tracking eligibility, enrollment and affordable coverage offerings throughout the year can be complicated, and many of our clients told us they wanted a solution to simplify managing all of the ACA-related data needed for compliance and reporting.

Passport Software’s ACA software provides monthly employee status notifications and monitors staff who are trending towards full time.

This gives you the opportunity to manage coverage offerings before you are out of compliance and subject to a penalty.  Our software’s insurance report helps determine what coverage is considered affordable. Also, our ACA software automatically handles paper and electronic submissions.

Easy to use

What distinguishes Passport Software from many others?  Data import, speed and ease of use.

You can Import employee information, generate every employee ACA record in seconds, and it is even easier for subsequent years in Passport.  With each new year, the software automatically recreates unique records for each employee, and templates are no longer required.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer support, and we are here to answer any questions you might have.  Our ACA compliance software is IRS-certified, and with optional proxy-submission, we are IRS-approved to submit on your behalf.

We also provide Full-Service filing – just provide a spreadsheet of employee information, and we support your compliance management through the year, including year end reporting.

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