What is Comprehensive ACA Reporting software?

Comprehensive ACA compliance management software, sometimes called enhanced ACA Reporting software, provides much more than just forms for end of year reporting.

Online forms-only software is just that – it prepares the forms for submission at year end.

Rather than assisting only with forms, our comprehensive ACA Reporting software manages your Affordable Care Act reporting data and compliance throughout the year.

Our comprehensive ACA Reporting Software is IRS-certified, and we are also IRS-approved to submit on your behalf via proxy submission. Optional integrated payroll software is available.

We also offer Full-Service – just provide a spreadsheet with employee data, and we do the rest through the year.

Passport Software's comprehensive ACA Reporting Software

ACA Data Management Year-round

Under the ACA, once you make a mistake you cannot correct it retroactively, so it is important to effectively manage compliance year-round to prevent penalties. This is especially true for businesses where employee hours fluctuate, like the Food Service and Hospitality sector, and companies with seasonal employees.

Simplify Reporting

Passport™ Affordable Care Act Management software reduces the headache of manual tracking and simplifies ACA compliance as well as end-of-year reporting.

Our software provides monthly employee status updates that show you which employees are trending towards full time. You can view this report and manage compliance before penalties occur.

With Passport’s comprehensive ACA Reporting software, you can manage complex ACA data, drastically reduce the effort of manual entry, and easily monitor employee status year-round.

  • Generate every employee ACA record in seconds
  • Editing an individual employee record is easy
  • Choose your Safe Harbor, Initial and Standard Measurement Periods
  • Track Affordability and Offer Coverage Offerings
  • Multi-company hours consolidation (supports multiple-EINs)
  • The Corporate or Enterprise license includes electronic submission

Reporting and compliance is even easier for subsequent years – the software automatically generates records for each employee for the next year. Also, our software gives you all the tools you need to get your TCC for free. Our ACA software generates the test files for submission.


Passport Software’s ACA Reporting Software – Company management screen

Passport Software's ACA Reporting Software screen

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Our comprehensive ACA Reporting software offers various helpful reports:  The ALE Calculation Report, Eligible and Insurance Offered Report, The Initial Measurement Period & Standard Measurement Period Reports, and the Safe Harbor Comparison Report.

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Ease the Burden of Compliance

We offer excellent support as well as consulting for general ACA questions – or questions about our ACA Reporting Solutions. We do not provide legal advice, but our friendly ACA expert can point you in the right direction for answers about ACA compliance. We are happy to answer any questions about our ACA Reporting Software and ACA Reporting Services.

Helpful video – Avoid ACA errors with Passport Software’s IRS TIN matching tutorial