Accounting Software for Small Business Can Help Protect Busy Owners

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Accounting Software for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

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This post is for small to mid-sized companies who may be vetting a new accounting system.  We hope you find it useful.

Entrepreneurial people love their businesses.  The side activities of managing payable, payroll, inventory, and so on – all of the administrative work, are distractions.

For example, a furniture maker loves to design and upholster chairs and couches to add beauty and utility to a home. He or she didn’t start a furniture company to be able to manage invoicing and payroll.

High quality accounting software for small business “understands” this.

GAAP Standards

Accounting software helps protect an owner by guiding the entry and processing of data according to certain Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP standards).

It ensures that a useful documentation of the flow of goods and money into and out of the company results.

Business Intelligence

Small business owners want to design business intelligence reports about their own operation that go beyond standard reporting.

Easy access to company data enables owners to assemble their information in creative ways for new insights.

Such reporting can alert owners to business changes in time to prevent trouble or to prepare of increased traffic.

Comprehensive accounting software for small business helps owners identify and plan for business changes.

Tax Regulations

In these times of changing tax jurisdictions and regulations a busy owner can be unaware of new reporting requirements and run into trouble.

Focused on managing and growing a business, owners rely on their accounting software for small business to help keep them in compliance with mandated requirements.

Security measures included in accounting software for small business also offer peace of mind.

Access controls, audit trails, Positive Pay and ACH options control and document the flow of money and materials into and through the company.

Checks and transactions can’t disappear with a press of the delete button.

Professional level accounting software for small business can be an owner’s best friend.


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