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This post is for small to mid-sized companies who may be vetting a new accounting system. We hope you find it helpful.


Accounting software may not be what comes to mind as a source of reassurance in our world today.

Shifting world business alliances and agreements, changing federal, state and local compliance standards are part of every business owner’s concerns.

These international and national factors can feel beyond one’s ability to control and create a feeling of uncertainty.

Factually, what is uncertainty but an inability to predict?

Financial, Tax and Accounting Software

If there is one thing business owners need, it is a tool to help them make fact-based predictions.

Comprehensive software is such a tool, especially financial, tax and accounting software.

Software of this caliber provides detailed reports to inform and guide management decisions.

Better Planning

What income is expected in the next quarter, what sales tax are we liable for, is there staff and material on hand to meet demand and support growth, and are we in compliance with payroll and ACA requirements?

Once there is relevant, useful information, plans can be made. Plans are the beginning of prediction. And prediction brings certainty.

Passport Software

With 35 years of business and accounting experience, Passport Software provides comprehensive yet easy to use accounting software for small businesses and medium sized companies.

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