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We Can Help Busy HR Professionals

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This post is for Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) required to comply with the Affordable Care Act. We hope you find it useful.

Are you a busy HR specialist in charge of Affordable Care Act compliance management for your company?

HR professionals tend to be very busy, wear multiple hats, and are required to meet various pressing deadlines.

ACA compliance and reporting may require extra work and additional hours to monitor employee status throughout the year.

Filing may be stressful due to the complexity of reporting – and the risk of steep penalties.

In fact, many of our customers describe ACA compliance management and filing as a burden. Our ACA Full-Service solution can help to alleviate the headache of maintaining compliance.


Passport Software’s ACA Full-Service solution allows you to turn over all the management and reporting to our trusted ACA specialists. Just provide a spreadsheet of employee data, and we do the rest.

This is the easiest option, and we can help you avoid penalties and easily maintain compliance.

If you are currently managing data with spreadsheets or a costly payroll service this option is affordable and may be well worth it.

Or, if want a more hands-on approach, our software solution is IRS-Certified, and we are IRS-approved to file on behalf of our software customers.

ACA Software

Our ACA Software is affordable, comprehensive, and easy to use in order to manage compliance year-round. It requires a spreadsheet with basic employee data which is quick and easy to compile and upload compared with many other solutions.

And, our ACA specialists will walk you through the whole process, and are available to answer questions about compliance.

Other Services

We also provide penalty relief consultation, and have helped many customers eliminate or drastically reduce ACA penalties.

If you have questions about ACA compliance in general, we can help.  Call 800-969-7900 to speak with our helpful specialists who can provide assistance and answer questions about our ACA software or Reporting Services.

Flexible Solutions

We provide various options to match your company size, and also handle companies with multiple EINs.  Our solutions help you main compliance throughout the year and our software provides automated 1094/1095 filing.

Passport Software’s Full-Service option is the easiest. Plus, it’s affordable and eases the burden of reporting and compliance year-round.

PBS™ Accounting

Our ACA software is a stand alone option or part of our Accounting software suite, and our optional ACA solution is part of the payroll module. The ACA software can be purchased separately or included with our payroll processing solution.

We provide optional in-house payroll that provides ongoing ROI due to cost savings on an outside payroll service.  Our Accounting software for small business is robust yet affordable Accounting ERP software.

PBS Accounting is a modular desktop solution with solid accounting trails – you can select only the modules you need and scale up as you grow.

If you looking for a stand alone ACA solution, vetting new accounting software systems for small business, or considering an in-house payroll solution, call 800-969-7900 to learn more.

Or, contact us – we are here to help.





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