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Using RealWorld® Accounting Software?

We Can Help

Using outdated hardware and software?  The next generation of RealWorld accounting software, Passport Business Solutions™, allows you to keep what you know and upgrade to newer, supported technology with great new features.


I can’t say enough about what you did. Now I can sleep… In one day, everything was done. It took about a half a day for the question and answer analysis, so a total of a day and a half to make this change… Do not waste time. Not another moment. Get a hold of someone and buy this [PBS], unless you wish to jeopardize your company. – Customer Testimonial


Why Upgrade?

  • Keep your important company data
  • Keep your company history
  • Gain new software technology with enhanced features
  • Payroll and AP regulatory compliance
  • Smooth upgrade transition minimizes business and personnel disruptions
  • Familiar look and feel reduces training time
  • Peace of mind your business is running on current supported products

Passport Business Solutions has sped up our productivity by leaps and bounds! I wish we had done it sooner. It was an easy conversion – very smooth. I like that I can use a mouse if I want to, I can get around the system quickly, and the learning curve is almost zero. I would definitely tell RealWorld users to upgrade to Passport Business Solutions. – Customer Testimonial


Easy To Upgrade

We’ve made it easy to upgrade to Passport Business Solutions. Our EZ Convert™ utility migrates most data virtually automatically. Installation is safe and secure.  Passport Business Solutions is the next generation of RealWorld accounting software for small businesses and mid-sized companies.

And It’s Affordable.

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Passport Business Solutions is reliable and full featured with excellent audit trails. A flexible accounting software solution suitable for virtually any medium-sized or small business.

Who benefits from a move to PBS SQL?

  • Companies needing integration with hundreds of programs including MS Office, Crystal Reports, CRM software, NCR Counterpoint, ServicePoint and a host of other industry-specific solutions
  • Businesses demanding improved access to their data tables for querying with expanded reporting
  • Operations implementing ecommerce websites requiring direct table integration
  • Organizations wanting a reliable, powerful and affordable Relational Data Base Management System
  • Distributors adding PBS Mobility™

PBS™ SQL is affordable. The MS SQL Express version is free and works for small installations and includes SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) also free software from Microsoft. SQL reduces the cost of overall software development while providing more flexible data access.

Passport PBS SQL is a great improvement from our old RealWorld system…I can recommend Passport PBS SQL for anyone who needs an easy to use accounting system and wants the flexibility of custom reporting capabilities of SQL. – Customer Testimonial

Exciting New Business Solutions

Introducing PBS Mobility: Use your mobile device to enter orders on the road and to simplify inventory processing. Passport Software now offers mobility and other New Business Software solutions.

Track Eligibility/ Track Insurance Obligations

Determine which employees are eligible for insurance. Manage and predict ACA Requirements throughout the entire year.

Monitor Compliance

Our reports include: Comparison, eligibility, and offers of insurance audit report, plus more.

Avoid Costly Penalties

Our ACA software helps you report to the IRS and avoid costly penalties throughout the year.

IRS Reporting

Built in reports help you comply with ACA's mandatory reporting throughout the year.