Passport Software’s Business Accounting Software: PBS v. 12.04

For PBS Users: What’s New in PBS v.12.04

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Passport Business Solutions software is a critical part of your business system and your successful business operation. Passport Software, Inc. continues to improve and enhance the PBS software to help make using the software more productive and enjoyable.

PBS v12.04 contains many new enhancements and fixes.

Accounts Payable

Separate Multi-voucher Remittance Form

Now there is another option to print a Multi-Voucher Remittance on plain paper for all the vouchers being paid. This covers the case where you are printing checks that are paying many vouchers and so the stub space overflows and more than one stub would be required to print all the stub lines. By using this option there are no wasted checks since all the stub information is printed on a separate document (that will travel with the checik).   The new option is Print separate multi-voucher remittance report for overflow checks.


New Check Register Options

The check register has two new options:

Print just one check on the report.  When a customer calls and asks about a specific check and the invoices that were applied to it, the user can print it easily and find this information.
Print in order by date or check number order. Sorting by date was the default and by check number order is new.  This sort option has two advantages:
An immediate or non-A/P check number sequence may be different than the check number sequence.
Direct deposit numbers are always in a different sequence than check numbers.
More Fields in the Payables List Box and Lookup

This allows the user better a way to verify the invoice date and amount before exiting the window.

Automated Cancellation Voucher

When entering a cancellation voucher type and after entering the original invoice number, the program pulls the invoice data from open items eliminating the need for manual entry. After getting the original payable data from open items, the program displays the original distribution date and allows you to change it.  You may also enter a reference.  No other fields can be changed.


Enhanced View vendor Invoices including distribution history

After selecting View vendor invoices, the program defaults to viewing the original voucher. When you select the View distribution history button, the program displays all the original voucher accounts and amounts that were used.


Audit Trail for Cancellation

There is now an audit trail for a cancellation.

With v12.04 the posting of a cancellation writes a cancellation voucher type in history, matching the original, but with the amount having the opposite sign of the original.  The original voucher with a positive amount is retained. This eliminates a design error where the original pay day was eliminated thereby potentially causing irreconciling differences between the Vendor History and the General Ledger.


Enhanced Close a Period

The current period is determined by a date in A/P Control information and Period to date information is stored for each vendor. This new features allow the program to store next period data which means …

You no longer have to immediately close a period in order to keep the Vendors period to date fields accurate. There is a new set of fields called Next period, where period data can be temporarily stored before closing the period. As a result you may keep a period open for up to a month while entering and posting vouchers and payments in the next month.


Audit Trail for Voids

With v12.04, a posted void is written to history for all vouchers originally paid and the original check is also retained. The original vendor and voucher number is written to the void record. For v12.04 checks that are voided during a check run are still written to history with no vendor number and no voucher number. However, we added to the reference, Voided at check run.


Added Functionality from Vendor Lookup
With v12.04 the More info… button has been changed to Vendors.  After selecting this button you may still view data, however, the user can now edit, add or delete vendors as well. As before, if the user does not have access to the Vendors menu selection, the Vendors button is greyed-out and inaccessible.


Vendor Change Log Print and Purge

There are new report and purge options available for the Vendor change log.

You may now print a range of changed vendor log entries. This helps you find specific changed vendor data rather than having to print the entire report.  You may also now purge up to a cut-off date. This allows you to keep more recent data rather than purging it all.


Aged Open Items Report

The report now provides an option to print each vendor on a separate page.  This would allow a user to include the vendor’s open items information when mailing a vendor payment.


Accounts Receivable

Immediate Print Button on Invoices Screens

To allow a faster method of printing immediate invoices, we are now providing a new button to print previously entered invoices on the header and miscellaneous charges screens. This feature is only available in graphical mode.


New Option to Print Credit Hold Customers on Collections Report

In order to help identify credit hold customers we have a new option to print only credit hold customers.


Aging Report – One Line per Customer Option

There is a new option for a one-line per customer condensed aging report.

New Features for Entering and Changing Recurring Bills and Bill Lines

Entering or Changing Recurring Bills: A new total quantity for all the lines has been added to the line entry screen. As new lines are entered, the total quantity for all lines entered is updated.

There also is a new button to zero all quantities for a Bill.  Zeroing line quantities applies to all items and most services; except flat-rate services.


Print Invoices applied to Payments

For open item customers there is a new option to print the invoices applied to each open items customer’s payment.


New Sales Tax Report

The Sales tax due edit list, Sales tax exception report and the new Sales tax report were combined to be accessed from one menu selection called Sales tax reports.

Change to View Open Items

When viewing open items you may now access the new graphical mode Change apply-to number or due date screen.  The Change apply-to number or due date graphical screen makes it easier to identify an open item that requires an apply-to or due date change.  Both the apply-to number and due date can be changed at the same time.


Added Functionality from Customer Lookup

With v12.04 the More info… button has been changed to Customers.  After selecting this button you still may view data, however, the user can now edit, add or delete customers as well. If the user does not have access to the Customers menu selection, the Customers button is greyed-out and inaccessible.


New Cash Receipts Screen Character Mode

A new cash receipts application screen provides a faster way to apply multiple invoices to a payment.  Selecting the F3 key provides an easy way to alternate from the multiple line to the single line application.


Multi-Payments Additions

With Multi-payment processing Passport, along with X-charge, now provide a tokenization feature. This provides greater security as the credit card number is never stored locally.


Customer Change Log Print and Purge

There are new report and purge options available for the customer Change log: You may now print a range of changed customer log entries.  This helps you find specific changed customer data rather than having to print the entire report. You may also now purge up to a cut-off date. This allows you to keep more recent data rather than purging it all.


Check Reconciliation

Added Detail Totals and Checkbook Balance Amounts to the Reconciliation Report

The report entry screen has been altered to provide new options.

The new Print field allows you to print the Details only, Summary only and Both details and summary information.

When printing the details we provide a total for the Deposit/CR column and a total for the Check/DR column as well as a Net amount.

The summary now provides a checkbook balance and the outstanding amounts as of the statement date.


Handling of A/P Zero Amount Void Checks Now Improved

There are two new options for handling A/P zero amount void checks:

During the reconciliation process you may now manually clear A/P voided checks.  This helps you keep track of all check numbers and verify when they are being used.  The clear date, in this case, is assigned to the statement date.
For those that do not want to manually clear voided checks there is a new option in C/R Control information that allows the system to automatically clear zero amount voids when brought into the checkbook.
You can be set up to use either Transfer checks/deposits or to automatically bring the check data in during posting in A/P.  Regardless of your method, voids will be auto-cleared. The clear date for this process becomes the same as the posting date.


General Ledger

Trial Balance Period Sub Totals

There is a new option that allows you to print sub totals by period.

Totals for Budgets

When entering or viewing an existing budget, totals for the Budgets and Comparatives columns now display at the bottom of the screen.

Purge and Archive Fiscal Years

General Ledger transaction data may have been accumulating on your system for some time which can result in millions of G/L transaction records. A new utility now allows you to purge older fiscal years and optionally archive those years to another company.



Inventory Control

Added Functionality from Item Lookup

With v12.04 the More info… button has been changed to Items.  After selecting this button you may still view data on a graphical mode screen, however you now can edit, add or delete items as well.

One benefit is that it allows a user to enter an item when in the process of entering an order.  This would be necessary when you know the item is in stock but it has not been entered and received yet.

If the user does not have access to the Items menu selection the Items button is greyed-out and inaccessible.

History valuation by date

The Valuation by date report has been renamed History valuation by date to better specify that inventory history is being accessed.  The Valuation report does not access inventory history. This applies to character mode as well.




Workers’ Compensation Pay Report

A new option is provided when running Workers’ Compensation.

The new Pay type shows employee hours, pay, overtime hours, overtime base, and overtime premium by quarter. It can be printed with or without check detail. It can be grouped by workers’ compensation code or department. When entering specific dates it is restricted to a maximum of three years of data. The totals are grouped by quarter with a grand total for each year.

Printing W-2s and the New W-3 Forms

Starting with version v12.03.03, when printing W-2s, we added an option to print the W-3 form. This removes the inconvenience of have to use a typewriter to print your W-3 forms.

During the process of printing W-2s you will be asked to select Forms to print.  There are three options, two of which offer the printing of a W-3:

1.            To print Both W-2s and a W-3.

2.            To print W-2s only. If you select to print W-2s only you will still be offered an option to print a W-3 from the totals screen.

3.            To print a W-3 only.

2015 941 Prep. Report

The 941 Prep. report is used for quarterly reporting.  The 2015 PDF was updated for the 941 Prep. report.

Employee Change Log Print and Purge

There are new report and purge options available for the Employee change log.  You may now print a range of changed employee log entries. This helps you find specific changed employee data rather than having to print the entire report.

You may purge up to a cut-off date. This allows you to keep more recent data rather than purging it all.


Data Import Manager

For importing data into Inventory (Enter) we have added sales and transaction types.



New Archival of Reports Printed to Disk

After several years of use, the PBS Print a report menu selection, under Print reports from disk, can get filled up with many reports.  The purpose of the new archive feature is to allow users to move rarely needed print to disk reports to a new archive location for processing, printing or viewing later. The moved reports can be accessed from a new Archived reports menu option.


Print a Report Button Changes

New buttons have been added to the Print a report screen. These include Archive and Delete.

Archiving Reports

Reports can be archived by date created range or report number range. When filtered by module only, reports for that module will be archived. In character mode the <F2> key accesses a similar archive range selector window.

Deleting Reports

From the Print to disk menu selection we are now allowing the deletion of printed audit trail reports and all informational reports. You no longer have to use the Delete reports menu selection to remove a report from the system. General users can be restricted from deleting reports if they do not have access to Delete reports. As before, audit trail reports must be printed before they can be deleted.

For security purposes, if the general user cannot access the Delete reports menu selection, that user cannot select the Delete button from Print a report.

Audit trail reports must be printed before they can be deleted.


Protected Disk Reports

From the Print a report menu selection, the Protected disk reports setting in Company information only allows a general user to access reports printed to disk if the user has access to the menu selection where the report originated. This same general user security limitation applies to archived reports.

A general user can also be restricted from accessing the Archived reports menu selection as well.   If the user cannot access the Archived reports menu selection, that user cannot select the Archive button from Print a report.


-PDFP- PDF Multiple Form Copies Printing

When using the -PDFP- option for forms, the program generates a PDF version of the document (invoice, statement or purchase order) and also generates a PDF file. Instead of only being allowed to print one copy there is now a new option to print 1 to 9 copies of each document.


Collating Forms

For printing forms such as invoices, statements and purchase orders, there is a new option to collate a print job that has multiple pages for transactions with multiple copies.  Check the box to collate the forms.


View Reports in PDF or HTML Default Program

This allows you to keep the report open for later viewing or printing and return to PBS to continue your work.


Tokenization – New Credit Card Token Security added to A/R and O/E

To better handle the requirements of B2B (Business to Business) operations, and to increase the security of sensitive credit card data, Passport has added a credit card token file to the Accounts Receivable Cash receipts and Invoices as well as O/E Orders (Invoice and Credit memo types) and Select for billing (Order types).


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